Fieldstone Bainbridge: A sanctuary for those with dementia

Are you experiencing the overwhelming burden of caring for a parent, spouse or loved one with dementia? Is it consuming your time, causing you to lose touch with yourself, and leaving you feeling like the care you provide falls short of meeting your loved one’s needs?

You would not be alone. Statistics suggest that a family member caring for a loved one at home with dementia is significantly more prone to depression and anxiety, and that comes from dealing with the ups and downs of dementia as well as some of the behaviors that may come along with it.

Fieldstone Memory Care of Bainbridge can help. Their dedicated team ensures that your spouse, parent, or loved one receives superior care in a safe, joyful and vibrant environment. With a commitment to understanding the unique challenges of dementia, Fieldstone provides a supportive and compassionate atmosphere where your loved one can thrive, and you can find peace of mind.

“Caring for a loved one with dementia in your own home is hard,” says Wayne Purdom, of Fieldstone Bainbridge. “There’s the constant care, the risk of a fall or accident, and the anxiety of not knowing what’s coming next.”

Fieldstone Memory Care of Bainbridge offers residents thoughtfully designed apartments and various amenities, including inviting common areas for socializing and activities, with access to 24/7 nursing care. The beautiful community has a theater, art studio, spa and salon, and an outdoor courtyard, providing a secure yet engaging environment with the freedom to choose activities.

What at-home caregivers often don’t realize is that the quality of care their loved-ones will receive is far better at the Fieldstone Bainbridge facility. And if they do realize it, they’re held back by incredible feelings of guilt.

“They hear their parents say, ‘promise me you’ll never put me in a home,” Wayne says. “But what they’re thinking of is a skilled nursing facility, with three beds to a room with only a curtain for privacy, and with little to no dementia-specific care.

“That’s not what we’re offering.”

Fieldstone Bainbridge’s building is purposely built with wide hallways, easily-accessible common areas, all located in a single-story building.

People with dementia can become claustrophobic in tight spaces, which can bring on hallucinations. At Fieldstone, the facility is designed to be spacious and comforting.

And Fieldstone’s caregivers are experts in helping people with all types of dementia and the complexities associated with it.

“We are specially trained at de-escalating situations, whereas family members inadvertently tend to escalate those types of situations.

During the holiday season, emotions can run high. Fieldstone Bainbridge has respite care, so care-givers can take a well-deserved break to rejuvenate.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a tour, or call 206-594-1010.

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