5 key ways to ready your vehicle for fall and winter driving

With our bright, dry days quickly waning, Mission drivers are seeing a glimpse of what’s to come on local roads this fall and winter.

Rain, wind, snow and ice – not to mention sand and salt – all cause challenges both for drivers and their cars.

The good news is that a little maintenance can go a long way to ensuring your vehicle remains safe, efficient and reliable for years to come – even more important with the price of today’s vehicles.

“Invest in the car you have. With these high costs, it just doesn’t make sense not to,” says Mani, General Manager of Mission Automotive, which has been serving local drivers for 55 years.

“We’re one of just three government and ICBC accredited car shops in Mission and have the experience to back up what we say,” Mani notes.

As the weather begins to cool, the time to prepare your vehicle for fall and winter driving is now.

“Summer’s gone, the colder weather is coming, and it’s going to get darker faster,” Mani warns. “Prepare now while you can. Don’t wait until it’s to

What are five key ways to keep your vehicle going the extra mile this winter?

See and be seen: Check brake lights, fog lights, headlight bulbs, signal lights and replace them if necessary. “Make sure all of your lights are in good condition because if one of those sets of lights is faulty, it can prevent you from being able to see in all directions,” Mani says. During a fall driving check-up, the Mission team also ensures your headlights are clear and not fogged, and that bulbs are shining bright.

Replace wiper blades: “Rain in this area can really catch people off guard. Here in Mission, we get heavy rains that cause flooding in the roads, and if you don’t replace your wiper blades, you’ll see streaks that can blind your vision while driving,” Mani says. Replacing them is a low-cost way to see clearly.

Clean your car: Late-model vehicles have a variety of sensors, and road dirt and grime can prompt fault codes. It can also create issues with automatic braking – a big deal when you want to stop quickly on fall’s wet, slippery roads. “A simple washing of your car will clean the dirt off of those sensors and prevent a costly visit to diagnose the issue,” Mani says.

Get your horn checked: While you may not use your horn very often, when you need it, you want it to be working loud and clear. Mission Automotive will be there to help you fix your horn if it does not work so you can be safe for fall.

Get winter tires: As soon as the temperatures drop below 7°C, summer tires lose their grip in the wintery conditions. Many roads in B.C. also require winter tires beginning Oct. 1 and require appropriate tread depth. The changing elevations make B.C. a terrain that demands tires that can handle hard packed snow, heavy rain or ice.

To book your vehicle for a fall check-up, visit 1- 32809 Lougheed Hwy. in Mission or call 604-826-3669, or schedule your service at missionauto-downtown.com and stay up-to-date on Facebook.

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