5 steps to the bedroom of your dreams

In today’s busy world, with competing responsibilities and 24/7 connectivity, shutting down for a good night’s sleep can be difficult.

More than difficult, for many. After all, with smart phones often doubling alarm clocks, the world and its distractions are as close as our bedside table!

So how do you shut out the “noise” and create a space that supports you and your sleep? Some measures take aim at less-than-healthy habits, like scrolling social media before bed, or binging our favourite Netflix series late into the night.

But other sleep strategies tap into the subconscious you – the one who may yearn for a peaceful space to lay your head at night. The specifics of what that looks like will vary with your style and preferences, but a few general guidelines are a great place to start …

  1. Declutter. For most of us, clutter is a distraction, whether we’re aware of it or not. Since our bedroom is where we shed our work or workout clothes, pile laundry – clean or dirty – and collect a variety of books, papers, shoes and accessories, tidying and organizing your bedroom can help you find your zen.
  2. Find storage solutions. Once rid of what you don’t need, you’ll need to find appropriate homes for what you’re keeping. Closet organizers can help keep smaller items out of sight, yet close at hand when needed. Lack closet space? Consider double-duty furnishings, like beds with built-in storage, or a storage bench for linens and blankets.
  3. Unity of design. A bedroom suite can help unite a space with a common style. Rather than the mixed-and-matched furnishings from your college days, common design, materials and colours help create a calming space, suggests Love Dodd, from Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress. Add a warm, neutral tone to your walls and a cozy rug underfoot to tie it all together.
  4. Add only what you love. You took the time to declutter, so as you accessorize your new haven, add only pieces that add to the restful atmosphere you’re creating – favourite artwork, accent lighting, maybe soft drapes (with a blackout or sound-deadening panels), or a well-designed laundry hamper in a complementary colour or texture. It’s about creating a space you want to settle into.
  5. A comfy bed. Few things are better than sinking into a warm, cosy bed at the end of the day. Of course, what that feels like will be unique to you – some love falling into big fluffy pillows and warm flannel sheets over a soft but supportive mattress; others prefer a firmer, sleeker approach. Either way, it’s about creating your space, so take the time to test, try and sample a variety of pillows and mattresses to see what strikes the sweet spot for you, Dodd advises. Right now, your new mattress over $898 from Dodd’s Furniture comes complete with free pillows and a sheet set to really tie it together.

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary you love coming home to. To find the perfect furnishings, visit your Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress store or browse online at doddsfurniture.com (and remember, Dodd’s Delivers everywhere on Vancouver Island!). And be sure to sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of the homepage for care tips and unbelievable deals.

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