A comprehensive guide to exterior doors on Vancouver Island [2023]

Homeowners have a lot of choice when looking for exterior doors on Vancouver Island. With modern manufacturing technology, a wide range of price points and a number of installation companies, how do you choose?

Consider these factors when choosing a replacement entry door

  • Cost: For budget-conscious homeowners, it makes sense to look for affordable exterior doors, but be cautious of products that are too cheap. Poor quality doors may sacrifice energy efficiency and security, leading to higher heating, cooling and security costs — meaning you spend more money in the long run. Doors made from low-quality wood will be affected by moisture as well, which can cause the door to swell. This will directly affect the functionality of the door and its security, and it will need to be replaced more quickly.
  • Insulation: Both the door’s quality and the installation will affect your home’s energy efficiency. Wood panels are the least energy-efficient, while steel and fibreglass exterior doors offer more insulation. In addition to material type, there’s also a wide range in material quality — if one steel door is cheaper than another, it’s likely that the quality of the steel (and components) is different. It’s also crucial that your entry door is installed correctly to prevent air leaks. Even a minor misalignment can ruin the energy efficiency of your exterior door.
  • Components and hardware: Hinges can rust or break, frames and sills can be improperly sealed against rot, poorly installed or misaligned, and knobs and locks can be vulnerable to the elements. If your exterior door is exposed to the elements, consider adding an awning or porch, or invest in more durable door hardware.

Ecoline Doors are fully customizable using high-end components like heavy-duty hinges and adjustable sills. Thanks to their fully automatic assembly, the chance for error is minimized. And with a 25 year warranty on the door, components labour and installation, you can feel confident that your exterior door will stand the test of time.

Rebates and grants for affordable exterior doors

Homeowners can invest in high quality, energy efficient exterior doors with the help of government grants and rebates.

  • Canada Greener Homes Grant: Canadian homeowners can make their homes more energy efficient with the help of the Canada Greener Homes grant. Get up to a $600 reimbursement fee on the cost of pre- and post energy evaluation and $5,000 for eligible upgrades. Reimbursement is only possible when both evaluations have been successfully carried out. To be eligible, equipment must be purchased in Canada, online purchases must be made from a Canadian distributor like Ecoline Windows, and windows and doors must have the ENERGY STAR label. Canadians can receive up to $5,000 for windows and doors.
  • BC Energy Efficiency Rebate Program: Up to $10,000 in rebates are available for residential renovation projects that reduce energy costs and increase comfort all year. Qualifying upgrades include energy-efficient windows and doors, insulation, air-source heat pump, and electric heat pump water heaters. Bonus offers are also in place for completing two or more eligible upgrades within 18 months. Up to $2,000 in rebates is available for replacement windows and doors. Ecoline Windows is a British Columbia Energy Efficiency participating contractor, and can help you choose qualifying exterior doors for Vancouver Island. Ecoline Windows will also submit the initial application and installation invoice after completion, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • CleanBC Income Rebates: In British Columbia, the CleanBC Income Rebates can be combined with the Canada Greener Homes grant for even more savings. The CleanBC rebate helps low income individuals and families, offering rebates on windows and doors of up to $9,500. If your household income is below $147,943, you may qualify for this rebate.

Ecoline Windows offers door and window replacement across Canada, and serves Campbell River and Central Vancouver Island from their location at 107-1875 Boxwood Rd in Nanaimo. Upgrade your home’s comfort and efficiency, and transform your living space into a modern sanctuary. To find a cost-effective solution for your home, call 778-403-4748.

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