Beyond tires: Winter driving tips for your windshield

It may still feel like fall, but it’s definitely time to prepare for winter driving conditions. As of October 1, winter tires are now required on many mountain roads in British Columbia — and that’s not the only change drivers should be making in order to stay safe on the roads.

Winter driving safety tips

  • Clear ice and snow: Make sure your entire windshield is free of ice and snow so you have a full field of view. Don’t forget to brush all of the snow off your vehicle’s roof as well, so it doesn’t create a hazard for other drivers. Use an ice scraper and your vehicle’s defrost setting to remove ice, and never use hot water. “The drastic temperature change can cause immediate cracks in your windshield, or cause existing rock chips to grow. Stress cracks from hot water often occur toward the edges of the windshield and are extremely difficult to repair — which means you’ll likely need to replace the entire windshield at a much greater expense,” says Duncan Libby from Apple AutoGlass Abbotsford.
  • Refill your windshield washer fluid: Make sure your vehicle’s windshield washer fluid reserves are full, and carry an extra bottle in your car during long drives. Use a fluid rated to freezing temperatures during the winter months — it’s more effective for removing snow and ice, and will also prevent unnecessary damage to your wiper blades.
  • Reduce windshield fog: Fog on your windshield is caused by the extreme difference in temperature between the interior and exterior of your vehicle, and also the increased moisture in your vehicle from wet car mats and clothing. Clean snow and rain off your boots and jackets before getting into your vehicle, and consider a car dehumidifier. Get to know your vehicle’s climate control settings so you know how to defrost your windshield in a hurry.

Tune up your windshield before winter arrives

During difficult driving conditions like heavy rain and snow, visibility is extremely important.

“Windshield chips or cracks will not only distract your view, but they may get worse during extreme temperatures. When the temperature inside and outside your vehicle is significantly different, windshield cracks often grow,” Libby says.

Wipers are also crucial for safe winter driving — if your wipers are leaving streaks, now is the time to have them replaced.

From Oct. 2 to Nov. 3, Apple AutoGlass is giving away a free set of windshield wipers with every windshield replacement — a retail value of $60! Get your vehicle winter ready, and make an appointment today.

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