Calling all Revelstoke storytellers! Apply for $12k in funding and support through STORYHIVE’s Video Podcast program

Do you have a story to tell? Since 2013, content creators across B.C. and Alberta have been exploring their passions, telling local stories from their communities and sharing unique perspectives through the support from TELUS STORYHIVE. These stories have sparked conversations, changed narratives and transformed the careers of emerging content creators.

TELUS STORYHIVE just announced their new Video Podcast program and are asking aspiring podcasters to apply and take their skills to the next level! They want you to share unique stories, inspire community conversations through candid discussions and deep dives on topics that inspire you.

“We are very excited to introduce the new TELUS STORYHIVE Video Podcast program,” says Audrey Kiss, STORYHIVE Interior B.C. Territory Manager.

Your Mic, Your Platform. Apply by January 31, 2024 to be a part of this amazing new program!

Meet Jill Macdonald, a B.C. storyteller whose creativity has thrived with support from a TELUS STORYHIVE program

Jill Macdonald, co-producer of Mtn Underground. Photo courtesy of Jill Macdonald.

Jill Macdonald, co-producer of Mtn Underground. Photo courtesy of Jill Macdonald.

Jill Macdonald applied to the TELUS STORYHIVE program just as she was wrapping up her first video podcast project, Revelbroke, with her co-producer Nora Hughes. They were eager to continue working together to share stories from their hometown of Revelstoke.

Jill’s STORYHIVE Voices project, Mtn Underground took a different approach to presenting the ‘adventure destination’ narrative that Revelstoke has become known for. Instead of highlighting the adventure tourism aspects of the small B.C. community, Jill focused on Revelstoke’s expanding culture, the benefits and downsides of change in small communities and explored what the future of Revelstoke might look like.

“Getting to know your community and getting to the heart of your hometown and its people is a very humbling and enriching experience,” Jill says.

Through the TELUS STORYHIVE Voices program, Jill’s technical abilities were put to the test.

“The training I received through the Voices program stretched my technical abilities and introduced me to new ways of presenting a story. STORYHIVE emphasizes collaboration and enjoying the process,” Jill says. “That alone has a huge value because it allows a person to relax into storytelling in a natural way.”

Jill’s video podcast project challenged her to be on camera, reach out to people she didn’t know well at the time and seek out stories she otherwise wouldn’t have explored, she shared.

“STORYHIVE programs are designed to connect people with their community and through it I found new connections, gained access to a larger market through TELUS Optik TV and STORYHIVE’s social platforms. Most importantly though, I was supported through the entire process of producing professionally finished work, gaining skills and knowledge that will continue to serve me as a content creator.”

From left to right: Nora Hughes, podcast host on Mtn Underground with Chris Miller during an interview. Photo credit to Nora Hughes.

From left to right: Nora Hughes, podcast host on Mtn Underground with Chris Miller during an interview. Photo credit to Nora Hughes.

For prospective new podcasters and content creators interested in STORYHIVE’s Video Podcast program, Jill says one of the most important lessons she learned from her time working with the STORYHIVE team was the importance of ‘pre-production work’.

“When conducting interviews, make time for a good interview ahead of recording and set up a natural interview environment. Listen carefully to the audio for the story because a good story is what holds people’s attention – people are always hungry for good, honest, authentic stories,” she says.

Jill encourages new content creators to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the process, emphasizing the importance of listening to people in your community.

“Make the time and take the time needed to create a final product of value and of course, have fun with the process!”

Tell your own stories through STORYHIVE’s Video Podcast program

Successful applicants chosen for this program will receive $12,000 in production funding, gain access to more than one million viewers on TELUS Optik TV and TELUS STORYHIVE’s YouTube channel, join a community of like-minded creatives in B.C. and Alberta, share resources, and learn and grow with each other. They can also look forward to customized online training sessions.

The Create or Die Podcast, produced by Indy Mandhar. TELUS STORYHIVE.

The Create or Die Podcast, produced by Indy Mandhar. TELUS STORYHIVE.

Making an impact in B.C. and Alberta for the past decade

Over the past decade, TELUS STORYHIVE has distributed more than $59 million in production funding, supporting 1,200+ screen-based projects, with over 117,000 hours of robust training and one-on-one mentorship. STORYHIVE has also supported 270+ communities across B.C. and Alberta.

Through innovative programs they provide production funding, training, mentorship and distribution on TELUS Optik TV and online platforms. STORYHIVE remains committed to supporting and empowering the next generation of Canadian content creators and storytellers.

“At STORYHIVE, we are continuing to expand our program offerings to support all kinds of content creators to tell their local stories,” says Kiss. “We encourage aspiring video podcasters in B.C. and Alberta, including Revelstoke, to apply to this brand new program. We want to hear from you!”

TELUS STORYHIVE’s new Video Podcast program is open to new and emerging podcasters and STORYHIVE alumni. Applications for the Video Podcast program must be submitted online at by Jan. 31, 2024.

Stay connected with STORYHIVE and learn about future funding opportunities on their social media channels Facebook, Instagram, X (formally known as Twitter), TikTok and YouTube.

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