Celebrating B.C. non-profits: their people, their work and their contributions

On Oct. 30, Greater Victoria joined the province in recognizing the inaugural BC Non-Profit Day.

Founded as an occasion to celebrate the non-profit sector and raise awareness about the people and communities non-profits support, the day is also meant to recognize the dedication of staff and volunteers who strive every day to strengthen our communities.

In fact, British Columbia is home to some 31,000 non-profits that provide an amazing 335,000 jobs and contribute $28 billion to the provincial economy.

Here in Greater Victoria, the charitable sector is vital to our region, whether it’s working to provide more affordable housing, supporting local artists or keeping new Canadians and seniors connected to their community.

And as the cost of living increases and more people than ever need non-profits, a day in their honour could not have come at a better time.

“Here in Greater Victoria, we understand how vital non-profits are to the fabric of our community. Whether they’re working in social services, the arts or youth sports, non-profits are essential to the social and financial wellness of our region and to the province as a whole,” says Victoria Foundation CEO Sandra Richardson.

The local impact:

  1. Residents in the capital region benefit from more than 1,000 charitable organizations, supported by locals who donate and volunteer at rates above many other communities.
  2. The 2018 Civil Society Impact report also found that local registered charities supported the equivalent of 63,000 full-time jobs, contributing to more than $300 million in municipal taxes and generating total economic activity of $4 billion.

Today, cost-of-living pressures have non-profits facing an increased need for their services while resources largely remain flat, particularly after the volatility of the previous few years.

Yet the non-profit sector remains flexible, adaptable and resilient. The Victoria Foundation’s 2023 State of the Sector report saw some signs of stabilization, as many survey respondents expressed feelings of hope and motivation in their work.

Non-profits are also collaborative and many are seeking creative solutions. For example, more social enterprises and complementary programs are helping non-profits navigate challenges to furthering their missions.

So, as we recognize the province’s essential non-profit sector on BC Non-Profit Day, it’s important to remain mindful of the impacts they make – and challenges they face – year-round.

To learn more, visit bcnonprofitday.ca.

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