Debunking private home sale myths in B.C.

When selling a home, we often think first about real estate agencies without considering alternative options.

While 89 per cent of people hire a real estate agent and follow the more traditional route of selling their home, 11 per cent of people choose to sell privately. In B.C. alone, this accounts for over 10,000 private sales.

While selling your home with an agent can bring plenty of benefits, such as market knowledge and risk management, there are also challenges, whether that’s cleaning your home, making repairs inside and outside, staging your home and intrusive showings.

For some, the biggest point of contention is the hefty commissions realtors are paid. Sitting around three to four per cent, the total commission paid could amount to $30K especially with an average house price in B.C. of $965K.

An alternative home-selling experience

Offering a stress-free alternative, the family-owned and operated BC House Buyer provides hassle-free home buying services throughout Greater Vancouver and across the province.

Unlike listing your property through a realtor, BC House Buyer is not an intermediary – they’re the direct buyers, ensuring a swift and straightforward process. This unique approach involves offering cash for your property, and encouraging closings that meet the needs of the seller.

While property owners often have misconceptions about private sales being too good to be true, Darren Moore, Home Buying Specialist at BC House Buyer, shares his advice to help debunk a few common assumptions.

First, always do your homework and carefully vet who you’re planning to privately sell your home to, Moore says, noting that reputable buyers such as BC House Buyer have helped more than 130 homeowners sell their homes since 2021.

“When selling to BC House Buyer, we purchase without financing conditions, allowing for one convenient viewing at the seller’s preferred time. No cleaning, renovations or staging needed. We prioritize sellers’ comfort, advocating for informed decisions at their pace, without pressure from agents.”

Commonly, Moore has helped clients who, at the beginning, were afraid of receiving an unfair offer.

Home prices vary depending on the property, location and the current market, but Moore works closely with homeowners to ensure they receive a fair market value cash offer. Moore also encourages those he works with to counter-offer, and if their reasoning is sound, BC House Buyer will negotiate until everyone is comfortable with the deal.

With a 4.4-star review on Google, B.C. home owners are talking about the flexible service. Home seller Trudi Paxton had nothing but praise for Moore’s support during the sale.

“Darren was excellent. I got a fair price offer for my property and found working with the BC House Buyer and Darren stress-free and easy for the sale of my property. No scheduled open houses or costly real estate fees. Overall I am very happy with the service offered and thank Darren and his team for such a stress-free experience.”

To learn more about the process, Moore encourages property owners to contact BC House Buyer at 778-488-9570.

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