Diwali delights: Maharaja in Mission sweetens the celebration with irresistible sweets

The celebration of Diwali truly encapsulates the essence of family and food, as friends and relatives come together to celebrate the festival of light.

Cooks at Maharaja in Mission are already hard at work, painstakingly making all of the Diwali favourites, including the sweets that Diwali is famous for.

“We’re currently taking orders for sweets,” says Amit Sachdev, of the Mission and Surrey-based catering and restaurant business.

“They’re something special for this time of year.”

Preparing sweets takes time and patience, working with sugar and dairy to make sure the confection turns out just right.

“It’s time consuming, but not too difficult,” Amit says. “You just keep stirring milk over heat – being super careful – and it thickens into a paste. You let it dry and then cut it into squares.”

Maharaja in Mission has nearly 50 sweets on their menu, ranging from the always popular Maharaja Jalebi to Bengali sweets and literally dozens more.

Kaju Burfi, a sweet made with ground cashew nuts, sugar and milk is particularly popular this time of year, along with Burfi made with almonds or pistachios.

Maharaja in Mission also has Buffalo Milk Burfi.

Other popular sweets often associated with Diwali include:

Gulab Jamun: Soft and spongy deep-fried milk-based sweet.

Ras Gula: Light and spongy cheese ball sweet

Jalebi: Crispy, bright orange deep-fried sweet.

Balushahi: A flaky, crispy doughnut-like sweet,

Besan Ladoo: Round, sweet treats often garnished with nuts.

Kaju Roll: Made from ground cashews, sugar, and ghee

Pinni: Made from roasted flour, ghee, sugar, and nuts, shaped into round or square pieces.

Gujia: Made with milk solids, nuts and sugar, deep-fried to golden perfection.

Kalakand: Milk-based sweet with a soft, grainy texture.

“We understand that every dish we serve has a story,” says Amit. “Each bite carries the legacy of generations, the secrets of our families’ kitchens.”

To order, be sure to give the crew at Maharaja in Mission at least two-days’ notice. Feel free to call 604-287-6313.

Maharaja in Mission offers dine-in, take-out and catering! To browse the menu or order online, visit maharajacatering.ca. Visit the restaurant in Mission at 33157 1st Ave., and follow Maharaja on Facebook.

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