Ease away your aches and pains with hydrotherapy

Stiff muscles and aching joints got you down? Many studies have shown that hydrotherapy can help provide much-needed relief for individuals of all ages but especially seniors experiencing the common discomforts associated with aging.

“A warm bath with epsom salts and essential oils can be a great way to wind down after a busy day but it can also provide a variety of therapeutic benefits as well,” says Rick Perkins, owner of Walk-In Tubs Thompson Okanagan. “Hydrotherapy helps our skin stay healthy, is great for circulation and can ease muscle and joint pain along while reducing inflammation.”

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Many individuals are already using hydrotherapy without even realizing it, since one of the most common forms of hydrotherapy is bathing. Used since ancient times, bathing as an early form of physical therapy has been found around the world. Using warm water and minerals like salt is one of the most common forms of therapy in human history.

For seniors the trick is ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy without the risk of slipping or falling while getting in and out of the bath.

Walk-In Tubs Thompson Okanagan offers a wide range of walk-in bathtubs designed specifically with the needs of seniors in mind. A variety of additional features like reclining back rests, heated seats and jets can offer further hydrotherapy support and an outward swinging door for your ease and safety.

“Our tubs are the best solution for seniors wanting to maintain independence in their own homes and they offer further benefits like keeping us comfortable as we age,” Perkins says. “They can be used in combination with epsom salts and essential oils to help increase the overall benefits of hydrotherapy, especially when paired with add-ons like heated jets.”

Invest in your health and your independence by installing a walk-in bathtub in your home and embrace the many benefits of hydrotherapy safely.

Learn more at walkintubsbc.com, email info@walkintubsbc.com or call 250-682-4932 for more information. Find out if you qualify for a $7,500 government grant and a $2,500 tax credit with a free quote here.

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