Elevate your home confidence: Lanron Inspections now serving Lacombe County

In the quiet community of Lacombe County, Ron McDougall – the face behind Lanron Inspections – has become synonymous with trust and reliability as a home inspection expert of 16 years.

With more than 6,000 home and 1,000 commercial inspections under his belt, McDougall’s diligence and an unwavering commitment to protecting homeowners from potential pitfalls are integral values behind the business.

His motivation? Ensuring that his clients receive not only proper building services but also shielding them from unscrupulous contractors who might seek to exploit their lack of expertise in the world of home construction.

“I take a lot of pride in doing inspections. My interest in home inspections began when I was a contractor. During that time, I had seen some pretty bad workmanship and thought it would be nice to protect people from getting caught up in a money pit,” McDougall says.

Specializing in home inspections across Lacombe County, Lanron Inspections currently serves home owners in the following communities:

McDougall’s services include a comprehensive array of inspections, catering to the diverse needs of commercial property and private homeowners. One of the standout features of Lanron Inspections is its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide the most thorough assessments possible.

Incorporating thermal imaging and infrared inspections into his repertoire, McDougall – a level two thermologist – uses these advanced techniques to uncover potential defects within control panels and electrical panels on commercial worksites. After every inspection, he provides an in-depth report which informs the client on the state of their electrical systems.

Beyond traditional home and commercial inspections, McDougall has expanded his services to include pre-purchase and pre-listing home inspections as well as new home warranty inspections.

After living in a new home for about 10 months, McDougall recommends scheduling a new home warranty inspection before the warranty on the new building expires. Lanron inspections can assess and confirm any defects within the home which the property developer can then repair before the warranty ends.

As Lanron Inspections integrates its services into its new location of Lacombe County, McDougall remains steadfast in his dedication to excellence. Thoroughness and attention to detail have not only earned him a stellar reputation but have also made lifelong friendships along the way.

Writes one recent client: “We hired Lanron for our home inspection and were very pleased with the service. Ron was very thorough and knowledgeable … while also providing tips and recommendations on proper maintenance and how to ensure maximum longevity of all aspects of the house. He was also very personable and easy to get along with. The report was provided same-day and was very detailed and professional.”

For inquiries regarding property inspections, reach out to Lanron Inspections at 403-870-3081.

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