Elevate your sleep experience

Do you like to sit up comfortably with your book or while catching up on your favourite show? Maybe nighttime congestion – or snoring – is more easily relieved when you can elevate your head a little?

Just like some of us are side sleepers while others like to snooze on their stomachs, and some prefer two fluffy pillows and others a short-stack, the flexibility of an adjustable-base bed can revolutionize your sleep and relaxation time.

Just think – no more fussing with pillows when you’re watching TV or reading, or fitting pillows under your knees to ease back pressure … an adjustable bed lets you find your perfect positioning with the push of a button!

Lift your head and shoulders, letting you relax in comfort, and as a plus elevating your head can help to ease issues like acid reflux or snoring.

Others with lower back pain tend to find relief from elevating their legs, bringing the benefits of zero gravity.

Those with circulation challenges or swelling may also find that elevating the feet at night may help, while the ability to adjust position and pressure points can support those living with the discomfort of arthritis.

What to look for in an adjustable bed

The good news for those considering an adjustable bed frame is that they’re also stylish, and adaptable to just about any design, explains Love Dodd, with Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress. They can fit inside most standard frames, just remove your slats.

When choosing your base, it’s important to look for a zero pinch point design with the flexibility of both pre-set positioning and programmable positioning, with motors that allow you to move the head and foot of the bed using a simple remote control. And note that not all mattresses are suitable to an adjustable bed, so you’ll want to double check that yours can.

Technology options also include features like built-in USB ports, sync options that let you sync two adjustable bases for a perfect split king, and more. And to really elevate your sleep experience, look for a model with ultra-quiet head and foot massage.

Once you’ve settled on the design that works for your unique needs and sleep style, bringing your “good night’s sleep” home is easy.

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