For Pieter Koeleman, living a life of purpose means serving others

Whether you’re finding joy through a hobby, volunteering or socializing with friends, purposeful living helps us all feel fulfilled and engaged in our lives. As we age our routines and responsibilities change, but with a few modifications, many people continue to lead a life of purpose.

“At Berwick, we have some incredible people who are aging on their own terms and pursuing a purposeful life,” says Lesley Sikorski from Berwick Retirement Communities.

Purposeful living can positively impact our mental and physical health — studies have even linked purposeful living to a reduced risk of mortality and cardiovascular episodes. For Berwick by the Sea resident Pieter Koeleman, living a life of purpose has come from a mixture of professional successes, community volunteering and creative hobbies.

Koeleman worked for 42 years as a physiotherapist, continuously training and developing new skills to better serve others. He’s also been a member of the Rotary Club of Campbell River for 37 years, with a focus on the End Polio Now campaign.

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Berwick by the Sea resident Pieter Koeleman with one of his passions, wood carving. Photos courtesy Berwick by the Sea.

Berwick by the Sea resident Pieter Koeleman with one of his passions, wood carving. Photos courtesy Berwick by the Sea.

“Looking at my own situation, I am quite fortunate to have received a worthwhile education, and to choose a profession that has given me much satisfaction,” Koeleman says. “Being a Rotarian has given me the opportunity to serve others in many parts of the world. Being a Berwick by the Sea resident opened a new perspective to continue a life of service.”

If he could choose to do anything, right now, to pursue happiness and pleasure, Koeleman says he would travel to Pakistan or Afghanistan to participate in immunization efforts to protect children from polio. But in general, he’s pleased to say that he’s generally happy and content with his daily life in Campbell River.

“When it comes to learning, I’m still working towards more perfection in my wood carving. There are other interests to explore, such as languages, but there aren’t enough hours in the day.”

For Koeleman, a life of purpose has meant balancing personal development with his concerns for others. When asked about hopes for 2024, he briefly mentions his personal health before turning his attention to others.

“I hope that the world will be a more peaceful place, that the environment will be treated with more respect, that Campbell River will find ways to manage its less fortunate citizens, that the residents of Berwick may enjoy life as much as possible, and that Rotary and its partners make further progress in their effort to eradicate polio.”

“At Berwick, we believe that putting your purpose to work is a vital way to stay present and in the moment. We need meaningful purpose to feel satisfied in life. Being a part of a larger community, allowing friendships to grow, and finding simple everyday outlets to feel purposeful can make all the difference,” Sikorski says.

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