Give your high school grad a room makeover this fall

With the current rental market keeping more kids at home after graduation, giving your teen’s room a college-level upgrade can be a great way to provide them with more space and independence as they take this next step into adulthood.

“Having your teen staying home into their college years may feel like a blessing for parents in the sense that you get to keep them close for longer but it can also feel a bit disappointing for young adults who are ready for more freedom,” says Mandy Singh, owner of Nanaimo Home Furnishings.

“Giving their childhood bedroom a makeover can be a great way to lift their spirits, give them some practical tools and show them the perks of staying at home with mom and dad for a bit longer.”

Savvy space-savers

It can be tricky finding more space in an existing room and not everyone has a spare basement that can be renovated to accommodate a new living area, but utilizing multi-purpose, space-saving furniture can free up floor space for a mini-fridge, desk or even a small entertaining area.

“Our multi-purpose bunk bed is the perfect all-in-one solution for a small space. The bottom bunk easily transforms into an additional sleeping area or a comfortable sitting space with a table that’s perfect for dining or studying,” Singh says.

If your teen’s room has a bit more floor space to spare, setting them up with an entertaining space of their own can be a great way to give them more room to spread out and a greater sense of independence.

“We have a wide selection of Canadian-made sectionals, love seats and living room furniture that’s perfect for furnishing small spaces,” Singh says.

While an apartment of their own might still be out of reach, a room refresh can be just what the doctor ordered. Find more great interior design solutions in store at 1713 Bowen Rd. or call them at 250-591-2053. Find them online at or on Facebook.

Delivery available from Campbell River to Victoria

Leave the heavy lifting to the experts! Nanaimo Home Furnishings offers delivery from Campbell River to Victoria with most deliveries available within four to six weeks of purchasing.


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