Good Taco: transforming lives one meal at a time

In the heart of Chilliwack, foodies will find a culinary gem, known not just for its delicious Mexican cuisine but also for its profound impact on the community.

With every bite, Good Taco transforms lives, serving savory tacos matched with a beacon of hope and recovery for men in need of a second chance. They are graduates of the Adult & Teen Challenge BC program; and part of the Emerging Leaders’s Program.

At the core of Good Taco’s mission are three remarkable individuals: Josh, Jesse and Shawn, supervisors whose journeys intertwine with the restaurant’s humanitarian cause.

Through Josh, Jesse and Shawn’s candid experiences, Good Taco Sardis/Chilliwack owned by the Adult & Teen Challenge Society of BC. is having a profound impact on people seeking recovery.

A Good Taco supervisor for eight months, Josh reflects on his initial reaction to accepting the role, highlighting a shift in perspective towards humility and leadership.

“For me, this opportunity is about more than just managing shifts,” Josh reflects. “It’s a chance to impart wisdom and guidance to the men in the Adult & Teen Challenge BC program as they navigate their journey of recovery.”

Jesse echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the gratitude he feels for the opportunity. “In my addiction, holding down a job seemed like an unattainable dream. Now, leading a work crew feels like a miracle,” he says.

With two and a half months under his belt as a supervisor, Jesse’s transformation from participant to leader began with a proactive involvement in the restaurant’s operations.

Similarly, Shawn’s experience as a supervisor spans six months, marked by a deep sense of fulfillment in mentoring and learning from the men he works alongside. “Every week at Good Taco brings new revelations and opportunities for growth,” Shawn reflects. “It’s incredibly rewarding to witness the men come together, drawing strength from their diverse backgrounds.”

While short-term goals focus on personal and professional development, each of the supervisors’ long-term aspirations center around making a lasting impact on the lives of those they support.

“I want to be a beacon of hope for these men, showing them that a life free from addiction is possible,” Shawn says.

Beyond personal growth, these three are committed to fostering a culture of teamwork and resilience among their peers. “I hope people see the value of work and the necessity of collaboration,” Jesse explains. “Good Taco isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a testament to the transformative power of faith and community.”

As they continue to navigate their roles at Good Taco, Josh, Jesse and Shawn remain steadfast in their dedication to uplifting others and spreading a message of hope.

For more information about Adult & Teen Challenge BC, visit or call 1.888.575.3930

The next time you’re in town, make Good Taco your choice for a great meal or catered event. Order online at, email or call 604-847-7743.

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