Great food isn’t the only secret sauce at Retirement Concepts

“Step into a world of culinary delight when you step into our dining rooms. Every meal is designed to be a memorable journey for our cherished seniors.”

These are the words of Rodrigo Prado, the Director of Food & Beverage at Retirement Concepts. And as you can tell, he doesn’t take his job lightly. He’s making some big promises. But for him, it’s no problem. Because you won’t find a more passionate, committed, and qualified chef de cuisine at any retirement community in Canada.

“Working with seniors is not just a job — it’s a mission. And I love it. I’m a big family person, and if you love working with seniors, you come to understand that they become part of your family. And every day, we try to deliver a service that’s not only unexpectedly memorable but also very personal. We take care of the details.”

Rod is a Certified Master Chef with a classic French training, a certified food service nutrition manager and a certified sommelier. He holds both a bachelor’s degree and a post-graduate honours degree in hospitality management from the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA). He is also a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. A less-known fact about Rod is that although he is a highly accomplished culinary leader, he started his professional life as a lawyer until he discovered his true passion.

Rod’s experience is extensive and includes working with a number of high-end restaurants and hotels, including the Hyatt chain. He also has experience working at Disney. “I learned so much from the people at Disney. The idea was to create magical experiences, start to finish, and that really appealed to me. For example, the people who work with the public aren’t called ‘staff’ they’re called ‘cast members.’ I worked in the kitchen, which was where the ‘backstage’ production took place. Everyone had roles to play, and we took it very seriously.”

Rod’s focus at Retirement Concepts is on team development and resident experiences. He is a passionate professional who loves providing great culinary experiences for residents and empowering his team through coaching. For Rod and his team, the dining experience for seniors is about more than just food – it’s about the connections fostered during moments of sharing. He’s trained his staff to be attentive and friendly, and as he likes to say, “Always at the ready to cater to every need, making each senior feel cherished and valued.”

For Rod, a great day is when laughter mingles with the clinking of cutlery, as stories are shared, and friendships are deepened over meals that nourish the body and soul. Conversations flow freely, and the joy of community is abundant. Now, there’s a retirement concept we can all get behind.

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