HearingLife, formerly NexGen Hearing Chilliwack, hosts 2-week event

Cerumen – commonly referred to as ear wax – is a natural secretion by the human body and is actually very beneficial and serves an extremely important purpose. Individuals with too little ear wax are likely to be prone to ear infections and itchy ears.

And while cerumen is good for your ears, there can be too much of a good thing. Too much earwax can cause other problems, which can threaten the health of your ears.

If you experience any of the following symptoms: hearing loss, sensation of stuffiness or fullness in ear canal, ear ringing (tinnitus), persistent itching or discharge, you should seek attention from a hearing care professional such as a hearing professional, who may recommend an ear wax removal procedure.

The process begins with a visual inspection of the ear canal using an Otoscope. If necessary, ear wax removal drops may be put into the ear to help soften the ear wax.

To remove the wax, the hearing professional will use a handheld irrigator, to spray warm water into the ear. During the procedure, an irrigation bowl will be placed under the ear to catch the ear wax and water that will be draining from the ear.

The special nozzle on the irrigator allows the water to spray laterally, instead of directly down the ear canal. If any wax remains in the ear after the irrigation procedure, a lighted ear curette might be used to gently scrape out the additional wax from the sides around the entrance of the ear.

In addition to the above procedures, aspiration (aka micro suction) may be used for more serious wax build-ups, or if an individual is not permitted to have water in their ear canals. The ear canal and ear drum will finally be inspected using the otoscope to ensure all wax is removed and that both the ear canal and ear drum are intact.

The hearing professional will complete the ear wax removal process in the other ear. In some cases, wax can clog hearing aid tubes or other parts of your hearing aids. This buildup can be removed by the hearing professional. Removing your ear wax will also help prevent wax from being deposited into hearing aids, to keep them working well!

The HearingLife (formerly NexGen Hearing) Chilliwack clinic located at #2-45762 Patten Ave. is hosting a FREE, two-week Ear Wax Removal and Hearing Check event March 18 to 29. Call 604-391-1411 to book your appointment and meet their team of hearing health professionals.

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