Hoping to age at home? Planning ahead can set you up for success

As we age, it’s important to keep our longterm goals in mind, so we can take measured steps to achieve them.

For many B.C. seniors, that means finding ways to remain in their homes long into retirement, but to achieve that goal safely, they need to take certain necessary steps.

“Many of our clients call us well in advance of actually needing our services and it’s this advance planning approach that can make all the difference for seniors who want to remain at home for longer and have a positive installation experience,” says Rick Perkins, owner of Walk-In Tubs Thompson Okanagan. “Planning ahead and even moving forward with installing a walk-in tub before you need one is a great way to set yourself up for success and make sure your home is ready to support you as you age.”

One key reason to plan ahead, Perkins says, is the ability to research and vet instalment companies to ensure you choose a knowledgeable, experienced provider with the right tub for your home and needs.

“We contacted Rick to get some information about having one of these tubs installed, and it took us several months to actually decide to buy one,” says Bev, a past client of Walk-In Tubs Thompson Okanagan. “When the decision was made, we were in luck and got one installed within about a week or so.”

The installers protected the home’s interior as they worked and cleaned up beautifully after they were done, Bev says.

“They removed every piece of debris and left our home as clean as they found it. Rick and his staff were amazing and a real pleasure to deal with – we highly recommend using him if you’re considering a walk-in tub.”

Planning for the future you want and taking steps to invest in your own health and wellbeing are an important part of aging safely in your own home.

“I like to remind potential clients that bathing is just as essential as eating and sleeping. So if you’re hoping to remain in your home for as long as possible, a walk-in tub is a vital piece of safety equipment,” Perkins says. “Having one installed sooner rather then later can protect you from injuries and provide peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.”

Invest in your longterm safety and comfort with a locally owned business you can trust. Book a consultation today and see if you qualify for a $7,500 government grant and a $2,500 tax credit. Learn more at walkintubsbc.com, email info@walkintubsbc.com or call 250-682-4932 for more information.


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