How a simple gift transforms lives of Island children + families

When a child has complex care needs, something as seemingly minor as a tank of gas can stand in the way of attending a specialist’s appointment many kilometres away.

And what about the equipment to support their wellness at home or at school? For many families, items like a specialized hearing aid or wheelchair – life-changing for children – are simply out of reach.

That’s where the community’s support of the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, and through it, support for Island children, is so vital.

Since 1926, the Foundation has worked to ensure all Island families have access to the health care they need, bringing supports closer to home and transforming the lives of children and youth living with physical and mental health challenges.

That work is only possible through the generosity of the community, notes Foundation CEO Veronica Carroll. “The Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island could not do the work it does for Island kids without you, and our entire community of loyal supporters,” Carroll emphasizes.

Here’s what that support can mean:

  • $50 – Covers a roundtrip for a family to travel by car for their child’s health care, provided through the Foundation’s Bear Essentials program.
  • $75 – Covers a family’s meal allowance during travel for a child’s care. Travel costs can add up fast, especially for families whose children need to travel regularly for appointments.
  • $125 to $250 – Toward a one-night stay at either Jeneece Place, Q̓ʷalayu House or other accommodation while children receive health care.
  • $200 – Helps with boots and bars for orthopedic support for children with clubfoot. Your gift can change a child’s life and give them a future where they can walk, run and play without pain.
  • $325 – Covers a seating and postural support chair that lets a child sit at the family table, eat safely and have the support to engage in all seated activities.
  • $1,200 – Helps with accessibility equipment and supports. For kids with specialized mobility needs, equipment can be both expensive and completely life-changing! Specialized strollers, wheelchairs and lifts make a huge difference for a child’s quality of life but can be out of reach for many.
  • $2,200 – Toward a specialized hearing aid that opens the world for kids, helping them better communicate and participate more fully in the classroom and on the playground.

“Life-changing” only begins to describe the impact the community’s support has.

“Because of donors’ generosity, we have been able to buy specialized equipment that gets Owen out in the community, being with his peers and his brother,” says mom Karena. “They have really broken down a lot of barriers for us.”

Adds another: “It’s such a relief to have a program available to rely on when provincial funding is unable to cover a child’s necessary mobility equipment. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Learn more about the Foundation at where you can also donate easily and securely online.

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