How much does a hearing test cost?

The most common question that Nanaimo Hearing Clinic gets when people call to book an appointment is, “How much is this going to cost?”

And that’s a fair question, says owner Hanan Merrill.

“The cost of a hearing test can vary greatly from free to a couple hundred dollars depending on what category the test falls under, how comprehensive the testing is and who is doing the testing,” Merrill says.

Hearing tests generally fall under two categories – workplace testing and testing for your own wellbeing – and within those two categories are sub-categories that further impact the final cost, Merrill explains.

Workplace testing typically includes pre-employment testing and employment-mandated testing that’s usually part of a company’s private hearing loss prevention program. Pre-employment testing generally requires the potential employee to foot the bill – usually around $50 – while employment-mandated testing is generally covered by the employer as part of their safety protocol.

Testing pursued out of concern for your own wellbeing is a bit more complicated, Merrill says.

First is a basic screening test, also known as the beep test, which simply tests your ability to hear beeps at different volumes and a few specific pitches.

These are what are most commonly promoted as ‘free hearing tests’ at hearing clinics, however that’s often because they expect you to follow through on purchasing hearing aids from them, should the testing show evidence of hearing loss.

There are also full, comprehensive hearing assessments – also called diagnostic hearing tests. These help you know if you have hearing loss, the impact of that hearing loss on your speech, daily life and if there are further medical concerns to consider.

Comprehensive hearing assessments also tell you all your options for hearing improvement and/or treatment. These more thorough tests are sometimes free or charged out at what the clinician’s time is actually worth.

“Essentially the short answer is, if you just need a simple yes or no on whether you’re experiencing hearing loss, you can probably find somewhere to do it for free,” Merrill says. “But if you want or need more concrete answers and an overall better understanding of your hearing health, you can expect to pay around $100 to $150 for a full comprehensive hearing assessment.”

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