How to clean and protect wood furniture

Wood has been the world’s favourite furniture material for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. It’s durable, and when properly manufactured and maintained, it can last for generations. It’s warm, bringing natural elements to any space and a timeless aesthetic. It’s also versatile, matching any interior design style from traditional to modern.

To help your wood furniture look its best for decades to come, create good habits for its care and protection. Avoid abrasive all-purpose cleaners, and stick to mild soaps, wood-specific products, or a clean, dampened cloth. Place coasters under hot dishes and wipe water as soon as you can.

Love Dodd’s 4 tips for Wood Furniture Care

Love Dodd from Vancouver Island’s Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress offers these four tips to make your wood furniture last a lifetime:

  1. Dust regularly: Airborne dust can build up on wood furniture, creating a sticky film. Not only is this unpleasant to touch, but it can also cause scratches in the wood surface — so dust furniture regularly, and reduce dust in your home by vacuuming fabric surfaces.
  2. Routine maintenance: For regular upkeep and low-effort cleaning, wipe down wood furniture with a dampened cotton cloth (some synthetic fibres may cause surface scratches). Follow with a clean, dry cloth to mop up remaining moisture.
  3. Removing water rings: White water stains are an indication that moisture is trapped in the finish layer, so removing them involves removing trapped moisture. Try using gentle heat from a hair dryer or a clothing iron on the no-steam setting, or a product like rubbing alcohol or mayonnaise to displace trapped water. Black water stains on wood furniture will likely require resurfacing — sanding and refinishing — to help them look like new.
  4. Deep cleaning: Over time, dust and oils will build up on your wood furniture, so a deep clean is needed to bring it back to life. Learn more about the type of wood and finish on your furniture before purchasing cleaning products, and start with mild solutions.

Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress provides a complimentary care kit to customers who purchase their cashback Product Protection plan. The care kit includes many of the products you’ll need to properly care and protect your new wood furniture, so you can furniture fearlessly!

The product protection plan offers peace of mind on new purchases — accidents happen, and with the protection plan you’ll be able to care and repair most damages. Even better, if you don’t use your product protection plan you can get cash back for future Dodd’s purchases.

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