How to enjoy the ambiance of a fire with or without the heat!

A home does more than provide us with our basic shelter needs like warmth and security. What makes a house a home is the joy it brings us and our desire to want to be there. Creating an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable environment takes a lot of consideration for how each room in our home will be enjoyed.

“Today’s fireplaces do double duty, not only as practical additions to the home but decorative features as well,” says Chad Befus, owner of Pacific Fireplace in Central Saanich. “Because they’re being utilized to add more character and depth to the atmosphere of the home, it’s important to consider what type of fireplace makes the most sense to install.”

While a gas or wood stove can be a great addition to a main living space such as a family room, where they can work effectively to warm up the entire home, they can be impractical additions to spaces like a primary bedroom, Befus explains.

Warmth where you want it, cool where you don’t

“It’s actually recommended by sleep experts that bedrooms be kept cool to promote optimal sleep but that doesn’t change the fact that fireplaces are often desirable features to add to the primary bedroom, due to their aesthetic qualities,” Befus says. “This is where electric fireplaces can step in and offer all the coziness of a gas or wood burning fireplace, minus the problem of overheating.”

Electric fireplaces have the unique ability to create that highly sought-after fireplace ambiance either with or without heat. The ability to have complete control over how much heat an electric fireplace puts out, makes it the ideal solution for smaller spaces where temperature control is important.

The other perk with electric fireplaces, notes Befus, is that they don’t require any venting. While gas and wood-burning fires require venting to prevent smoke and CO build up, electric fireplaces are essentially a plug-and-play solutions. This allows them to be incredibly versatile and a great option for after-market additions.

Modern electric fireplaces mimic the appearance of real flames in a surprisingly natural way and offer benefits like temperature control and flexibility in locations where gas and wood stoves are a poor choice or cost prohibitive.

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