Langford’s newest dental clinic focuses on preventative care

Born in Montreal, Quebec and having grown up in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, siblings Dr. Negaar Nadji and Dr. Nabil Nadji have worked and lived in many different communities across Canada and the world.

The brother and sister duo started Whirlaway Family Dental with a vision to provide a dental setting that places patient centred care at the forefront. Dr. Negaar is a family dentist that loves to work with families and people of all ages, especially children. Dr. Nabil is a periodontal specialist who provides specialty services at the clinic while also serving as an associate professor in periodontics at UBC.

Dr. Negaar Nadji completed her undergraduate studies at UVIC, her Master’s degree at Memorial University in Newfoundland and graduated from McGill University with a dental degree in 2016. She then moved back home to Yellowknife to work for her childhood dentist (her dentist since she was 2 years old).

In Yellowknife, she was able to provide dental access to patients of all backgrounds in an Indigenous, Northern, remote and rural setting. She had the privilege of giving back to her community.

Recently moving back to Victoria, Dr. Negaar feels lucky to be part of the Langford community. She loves the friendly, community feel she gets from everyone in Langford-and it feels like home!

Dr. Negaar and Dr. Nabil both speak three languages fluently-English, French and Persian. Having experienced different cultures and traditions, both siblings know first-hand that each patient is unique, with their own concerns, needs and goals. Getting to know patients is the favorite part of their job!

Whirlaway Family Dental is located in Langford at 108-967 Whirlaway Cres. Call 778-433-0021 to book your appointment today

Whirlaway Family Dental is located in Langford at 108-967 Whirlaway Cres. Call 778-433-0021 to book your appointment today

Prevention is the best medicine

With a focus on prevention, Dr. Negaar loves working with young children and anxious patients. Encouraging parents to set their children up for a healthy dental future, Dr. Negaar advises families to start young when it comes to daily dental care.

“For me, prevention starts early. Seeing children at a young age receive a good dental experience – having what I like to call a dental home, with a dentist who is able to develop a trusting relationship with young patients is very important. We want youth to feel encouraged to receive dental support rather than discouraged out of fear,” she says.

Dr. Negaar encourages young patients to visit their dentist as early as six months after the eruption of their first tooth, or by the age of 12 months (these are the guidelines from the American Pediatric Dental Association) This will allow children to develop positive experiences at the dental office.

Home care is also incredibly important, and the Whirlaway dental team provides parents with the information they need to ensure their child’s dental health and hygiene is well taken care of. That includes: exploring a child’s diet, encouraging less sugars, more water intake,and incorporating a daily brushing routine. Whirlaway Family Dental aims to make dental visits fun-a place to look forward to coming!

Dr. Negaar says starting to brush from an early age and limiting sugar consumption will help children avoid cavities as their teeth mature. She suggests children under 3 years old use a rice-sized amount of children’s toothpaste while those older than 3 can use a pea-size amount. With her background in public health, she truly enjoys educating patients, and really never wants anyone to feel uncomfortable to ask any questions. Dr. Negaar Nadji is a mom to three young children, so she understands very well the challenges and difficulties that parents face! She welcomes parents to ask any questions and wants to provide a happy and comfortable dental environment!

Whirlaway Family Dental is located in Langford at 108-967 Whirlaway Cres. Call 778-433-0021 to book your appointment today or visit for more details.

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