Meal ideas and pro tips to master school lunch making

Hot lunches are the perfect way to warm your kids up before they head out to play at lunchtime! Daryl Turner, store owner at M&M Food Market in Royal Oak shares his top picks for the perfect hot lunch and some pro-tips for keeping food warm and fresh throughout the day.

“Hot lunches are always a welcome surprise for kids and can be an easy lunch solution for busy parents in the morning,” Turner says. “There is nothing like warming up with a mug of hot soup or every kids favourite, chicken nuggets, before heading outside on a rainy September day.”

Simple hot lunch solutions to try this September

These easy meal solutions from M&M Food Market are perfect for mornings when you’re feeling rushed and stuck on what to make your kids for lunch. Ready in 10 minutes or less, they’re easy to warm up while you finish getting everyone ready to head out the door.

  • Pizza rolls: A crowd-pleaser that’s sure to make your kids smile on their first day back! These pizza rolls come in two flavours, pepperoni or cheese with a zesty tomato sauce and crispy outer wrapper.
  • Chicken nuggets: Does your child have an undying love for chicken nuggets? Make their day by sending them along for lunch too!
  • Tomato and grilled cheese soup: Tomato soup is the quintessential perfect fall food, warm and comforting in all the right ways! Cheesy crotons make this nostalgic favourite a filling and tasty solution to a rainy September afternoon.

Pro tips for keeping food hot and fresh

  • Preheating makes a difference: Preheat your child’s thermos by filling it with boiling water for at least five minutes prior to adding food.
  • The secret to preventing hot lunches from getting soggy: When packing hot lunches like chicken nuggets, place a folded piece of paper towel at the bottom of the thermos to absorb moisture and keep food from getting soggy.

Be the master of school lunches this year with easy hot lunch solutions from M&M Food Market in Royal Oak. Visit them in store at 4442 W Saanich Rd #107 or at their Shelbourne location at 3637 Shelbourne St. Find them online at or on Facebook.

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