Never quit quitting: Joanne’s inspiring journey to quit smoking with Quitpath

Are you addicted to smoking? Chewing tobacco? Are you ready to quit vaping? Are you having trouble ditching tobacco products forever?

Well, here’s a true and inspiring story about overcoming an addiction to smoking, a battle that was fought – and eventually won – by someone who’d tried for years to quit. Then Joanne discovered Quitpath, and took concrete actions toward becoming smoke-free.

“I had tried many times over the years to quit, without aids. I was not able to do it,” says Joanne, who is now 12 years smoke-free. “Then I decided to reach out to Quitpath, and I was able to get things under control.”

Joanne is not unique in her struggle to quit tobacco. In fact, 70 per cent of people who smoke want to quit, but for many people it sometimes can take dozens of attempts before they’re successful.

The Quitpath program is here to help you at every step of your journey away from tobacco and vaping dependency. It exists to provide support to anyone who is interested in, or struggling with, quitting or reducing nicotine.

For Joanne, nicotine cravings were a relentless pressure, impossible to ignore.

“Cravings were the worst after meals, with my coffee, and when I was happy … or sad, or excited,” Joanne recalls. “Basically, I had them all the time!”

Quitpath, and the success Joanne found through the program, helped her feel better about herself, shedding the self-doubt that she felt over not being able to quit on her own.

“The biggest challenge to me quitting, aside from no helping aids at the time, was my own mind,” Joanne recalls. “The mind can play tricks on us when we’re addicted, always providing a ‘good’ reason to pick up and smoke again. Later, having the patches was a huge help but I had to be ready in my own mind. In the end, I got mad at myself for all the undue stress of quitting, then the shame of starting again. That was the final motivator for me to seek help.”

Here’s how Quitpath helps:

  • Ongoing customized check-ins with a real Yukon person will support your path toward quitting commercial tobacco use. The one-to-one personalized coaching sessions with check-ins can be in-person, by phone, text and/or email.
  • Up to 24 weeks of free nicotine replacement products are available for program participants per calendar year (their use does not need to be a consecutive 24 weeks).
  • The Quitpath website, complete with tips, tools and strategies to quit, as well as the option to sign up for automated text and/or emails to support quitting.

For Joanne, Quitpath provided her a way to help win over her addiction.

“Quitpath was amazing when I was truly ready to quit. The patches took care of the physical symptoms of quitting, which made the mind games easier to handle. I also walked a lot, drank a lot of water and engaged in positive thinking about my quitting journey, visualizing a healthy me, able to climb mountains and truly live my outdoor life, which I so loved.”

“Never quit quitting. One day you will quit for the final time.”

Are you or someone you know ready to quit? Click here to join the Quitpath program now. You can also visit the Quitpath website or call 866-221-8393.

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