New long-term care facility in Surrey will support the South Asian community

In Surrey, the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS), the largest non-profit organization serving South Asian communities in North America, is embarking on a ground-breaking long-term care initiative, further extending its support to the community.

For over three decades, PICS has been making a significant impact on the South Asian community, offering a comprehensive array of services catering to everyone from new immigrants and international students to farmworkers and seniors.

According to Phalak Betab, the Communications and Fundraising Officer, the organization is truly a “one-stop shop for services.”

Whether it’s a younger family seeking assistance for their grandmother or any other family members in need, PICS is dedicated to providing compassionate support.

As the 65+ population in Surrey is projected to surge by 144 per cent by 2039, and the demand for care facility beds is expected to triple in the coming years, PICS is directing its attention to address the pressing need for senior care.

Under the guidelines of the Fraser Health Authority, PICS will operate a new licensed community long-term care facility, the Guru Nanak Diversity Village, featuring 125 beds. The facility is named in honour of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, a proponent of equality for all, regardless of caste, colour, gender, birth, or societal status. Guru Nanak Diversity Village is poised to provide high-quality, culturally sensitive programs and services tailored to seniors of South Asian descent.

Betab emphasizes that they are committed to offering culturally sensitive care that incorporates South Asian values, traditions and beliefs into the care environment.

However, turning this vision into a reality requires community support. While the B.C. Government is financing a substantial portion of the projected $118-million cost – contributing $113 million – there remains a vital need to raise $5 million from the community. Fraser Health Authority will step in to cover the operating costs once the facility becomes operational.

“We encourage people to become a part of this exceedingly significant housing project,” Betab says.

To find out more about how to support this initiative, visit the website at

For additional information about the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society, please visit, call 604-596-7722 or find them on social media channels.

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