Odlum Brown celebrates 100 years of investment success, independence and community engagement

In a remarkable feat of longevity and commitment, Odlum Brown is proudly celebrating its 100th anniversary as an investment firm this year, including 25 years in the Comox Valley.

Throughout its impressive journey, Odlum Brown has cultivated a strong culture centered on helping clients achieve their financial goals. This client-focused approach has been the driving force behind its success and has nurtured multi-generational relationships across British Columbia and Canada.

Throughout its 100-year history, Odlum Brown has weathered a century’s worth of geopolitical and economic storms and seized unprecedented opportunities. Through world wars, economic downturns, technological advancements, a global pandemic and more, the firm has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability.

Since the establishment of the Courtenay branch in 1998, Odlum Brown’s local presence has experienced significant growth. What began with a team of only two individuals has expanded to a dedicated team of nine. Furthermore, the branch has experienced an impressive 10-fold increase in assets under management during these 25 years.

In part, this is a testament to the value clients place on the disciplined investment advice, objective research and value-added financial planning services they are offered.

The current advisory team, comprised of Kevin Pantuso, Robin MacLaughlan, Rob Wolfe and Drew Kuhnert, are not only dedicated professionals but also passionate community members. They value being part of the Courtenay business community and the relationships they have developed over the years.

Beyond their roles at Odlum Brown, team members actively participate in various organizations and projects aimed at enhancing life in the Comox Valley. From arts, heritage and environment to sports, health care and other charitable causes, their involvement spans a wide spectrum.

Some organizations Odlum Brown has supported include the Comox Valley Community Foundation, Project Watershed, Comox Valley Transition Society, Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation, YANA and Kidsport.

One of the key factors behind Odlum Brown’s enduring success is its independence. Because the firm does not engage in investment banking, trade for its own account or sell its own products, its team’s efforts are solely focused on acting in the best interests of its clients through unbiased research and recommendations.

With a track record that has garnered national attention, Odlum Brown’s research team has consistently demonstrated their expertise and commitment to delivering valuable insights to clients.

Looking to the future, Odlum Brown Courtenay remains dedicated to providing unparalleled service, unbiased advice and a continued commitment to its clients. With a century of success under its belt, Odlum Brown stands poised to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the financial industry, ensuring the prosperity of its clients for generations to come.

To learn more about Odlum Brown’s suite of services and the unique features that contribute to its century of success, visit odlumbrown.com

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