One way to get more from your gas fireplace this year – and every year

While the Saanich Peninsula escapes the worst of Canada’s frigid winter temperatures, our damp coastal weather quickly puts a chill in the air.

It’s why a gas fireplace is a key feature in our homes. While the ambiance is enjoyable, it also ensures a quick and cozy warmth – which is why you want it to operate safely and efficiently all season long.

“While gas fireplaces are a great option for heating our homes, annual maintenance plays an important role in keeping them running safely and reliably ,” says Chad Befus, owner of Pacific Fireplaces in Central Saanich.

Safety: Regular servicing can help identify potential issues that could compromise the safety or function of your fireplace. Professional inspections ensure all components, such as the gas valve, ignition system and ventilation, are functioning properly.

Efficiency: Well-maintained fireplaces operate more efficiently, reducing energy costs and providing better heat output. Annual servicing from a qualified technician should include cleaning and inspecting burners, logs and other components for dirt build-up that hinders performance over time.

Prolonged lifespan: Small problems, caught early, prevent bigger issues and costly repairs down the line. Consider annual servicing an investment in the long-term durability of your fireplace.

Appearance: Looking for beautiful and consistent flames in your gas fireplace? Regular cleaning of burners and logs ensures even burning. Dirty burners and ventilation issues also contribute to soot buildup. Keeping all components clean of debris minimizes soot production and keeps your fireplace looking its best .

“A well-maintained gas fireplace is more than an appliance, it’s a gathering place in your home and a reliable source of heat when needed,” Befus says. “Taking proactive steps to maintain your gas fireplace helps to ensure its safe, reliable use for many years to come.”

All the ambiance and warmth of a fireplace with the benefits of being more efficent, convient and clean.

All the ambiance and warmth of a fireplace with the benefits of being more efficent, convient and clean.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Regular cleaning: Use a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to gently clean your fireplace’s exterior regularly. Make sure it’s not hot!
  • Monitor flame appearance: Yellow flames with a blue base typically indicate proper combustion, while orange or black-tipped flames may suggest an issue that needs addressing.
  • Clear ventilation pathways: Keep all ventilation pathways clean and clear to allow optimal air flow – proper ventilation is crucial to safe operation, and plants or other obstructions should be kept trimmed well back from the hot exhaust.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines: Keep your manufacturer guide handy for maintenance such as cleaning and use.
  • Schedule professional inspections: While it’s a good idea for homeowners to be educated and proactive, fireplace technicians have the training and expertise needed to identify and address potential issues.

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