Ride the wave of unbeatable deals this Holiday season

Wave season is the summer highlight for cruise enthusiasts, akin to a three-month-long Black Friday specifically for cruises. Expedia Cruises steps up as the premier destination for booking your dream summer vacation during this peak period.

Wave season is celebrated for its unparalleled offers, allowing travellers to enjoy many benefits, including Onboard Cash Credits, unlimited complimentary drinks and gratuities, as well as specialty dining packages, shore excursions and free upgrades!

If the number of options feels overwhelming, consider working with a Vacation Consultant who can help you create a package that fits your specific needs, suggests Pety Carvalho, owner of Expedia Cruises, North Langley. This personalization ensures the vacation is tailor-made to your unique preferences.

Vacation Consultants navigate a variety of options, from destinations to meal choices, and from cultural to relaxing, ensuring that every need is met for an individualized cruise experience.

Adding to the allure, Expedia Extras are available on several sailings, supplementing the cruise line’s offers. These extras, combined with expert guidance, make planning the dream vacation a seamless process.

A multi-generational opportunity

In this fast-paced world, family time is precious. Cruises provide a unique opportunity to connect in a meaningful way. During the wave season, families can create custom packages respecting everyone’s different needs, from financial to nutritional.

The wave season starts in December and promises unmatched cruise booking deals for the Summer months. Photo courtesy of Expedia Cruises.

The wave season starts in December and promises unmatched cruise booking deals for the Summer months. Photo courtesy of Expedia Cruises.

“Reconnecting through travel is a wonderful way to keep family ties strong and maintain relationships across generations,” Carvalho says.

A big benefit to multi-generational cruising lies in its balance of togetherness and independence. With numerous onboard activities for people of different ages, family members can choose the activities they enjoy, from swimming or spa treatments to live entertainment, casinos and nightclubs.

At day’s end, families reunite, sharing stories over dining options that cater to all dietary needs. The assurance of wheelchair accessibility and 24/7 medical staff on most ships adds a layer of comfort for all family members.

Choosing the right cruise package that appeals to the majority and fits the budget is crucial. Expedia Cruises offers an unmatched experience during Wave Season, providing a blend of value, choice and expert guidance.

Whether it’s the allure of the exclusive perks or the joy of multi-generational travel, Expedia Cruises promises a summer vacation that is both exceptional and unforgettable. Contact your Vacation Consultant today to start planning your next family adventure with Expedia Cruises.

For more information, visit the Expedia Cruises website. Visit the deals page for weekly deals and promotions.

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