Savour the bounty of Central Alberta, right here in Wetaskiwin

For farm-to-table dining from a team with as much passion for the Wetaskiwin community as for the fresh, local ingredients they serve, it’s time to visit The Glens Grill.

While you’re there, savour a bite of freshly prepared Alberta beef or bison, accompanied by local greens, or a slice of farm-fresh pie from local partner Farmhouse Bakery.

These things, along with golf, birthdays and weddings celebrated at the 100-year-old Montgomery Glen Golf and Country Club, are at the heart of why Executive Chef and Co-Owner Jesse Chambers is so passionate about what he does. Then Glens Grill is a direct part of the parent company, Farm-to-Table Catering, Inc., which is owned and run by Jesse and his wife, Sarah Chambers.

Jesse’s passion comes from the Wetaskiwin farming community and its partners, who work together to make farm-to-table happen for the residents. Jesse’s love for farm-to-table food and his community is equally echoed and shared by his partners as well.

“We take farm-to-table seriously. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into our program. We believe in sustainability. By focusing on a farm-to-table approach to our menus, we offer a far superior product while supporting those that support us. By doing that, we lower our business carbon footprint on our environment.”

A group of shareholders bought the land that later was turned into the golf course in 1923. On August 25th, there is a birthday tournament that has been sold out for months. In addition to The Glens, located inside of the Clubhouse of the Montgomery Glen Golf and Country Club since 2007, Jesse has also owned the Graze Food Truck since 2020.

“This place is special,” he says of the golf and country club, celebrating 100 years this summer. “Generations of families have used the facility for weddings, birthdays and other special events and it’s deeply rooted in that regard. Then, when the pandemic hit hard and we couldn’t get together for other sports or activities, we could still play golf.”

Jesse, a lifelong restaurateur, is joined at The Glens by his wife Sarah, who is also the General Manager and Co-Owner and is the Manager of the Leduc Provincial Courthouse. With their team, the two serve lunch and dinner during the summer.

From the start, they wanted “to create a menu and experience from here, for people who live here,” a goal made possible thanks to the bounty available from the farms and fields around Wetaskiwin.

With fresh, mouthwatering menu items like braised brisket beef dip with horseradish aioli sauce, or a Strohschein Farms bison burger, homemade sauces and fresh-baked pies, there’s no shortage of fresh, locally sourced dining.

There’s a passion that runs through Jesse’s veins for the area’s local farm producers, like the Strohschein Bison Farm, a local business spanning five generations. He’s proud to have sold more than 5,000 chicken, elk, lamb, beef and bison burgers every summer from Strohschein Bison Farm and other partners. He works with other partners like Farmhouse Bakery and Galimax Trading, who also strongly support his mission to deliver the best of Alberta’s farm-to-table food at The Glens.

Jesse has also been the Owner of the Graze Food Truck since 2020.

“It was the luck of the draw” that the Graze Food Truck thrived during the pandemic, he says, “The truck kept us alive.”

“I have been in the restaurant business a long time. It’s always controlled chaos. But there’s no end to what you can learn and do,” he says, reflecting on the efforts to continue their mission throughout COVID.

Today, whether you “get it to go” from the food truck, or relax at The Glens Grill, you can support local farm partners and enjoy some of the best farm-to-table food Alberta has to offer.

The Glens Grill is currently open daily for lunch and dinner, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. unless the facility is booked for a private function. (Winter hours have yet to be determined). Browse the menus and reserve online at

Graze Food Truck is open Fridays for lunch at Diamond Jubilee Park from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., or when sold out. (They’re currently booked for August for private functions and weddings). Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

This business profile is part of a series from Wetaskiwin’s Economic Development office. To learn more about initiatives to grow local business and industry, visit

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