Signing up for paperless billing in Wetaskiwin could be worth $100!

You asked and Peace Hills Utilities is answering!

The Wetaskiwin utilities provider is launching its e-billing service and one lucky resident will win a $100 gift card – just for signing up!

Electronic billing – or e-billing – has been one of the most requested services users have asked for, and beginning this fall, the Peace Hills is happy to deliver.

“I am thrilled to announce the implementation of e-billing for our community,” Sue Howard, President of Peace Hills Utilities Inc., said in announcing the opportunity. “E-billing enhances efficiency, reduces paper waste, and offers citizens a convenient way to manage their accounts.”

How e-billing works:

Those who sign up for e-bills by the first of each month will receive their prior month’s bill electronically going forward.

Customers who sign up to go paperless before Dec. 1, 2023 will be eligible for a chance to win a $100 gift card to a local business of their choice. Customers will be entered into the draw once for each month they’ve been enrolled in the e-billing program, meaning those who sign up by Nov. 1 and remain in the program will receive two entries.

Why go paperless?

Beyond reducing paper waste and paper clutter in your home, paperless billing offers quicker receipt of monthly invoices – no more waiting for them to arrive in your mailbox!

You can easily access and keep track of electronic invoices online, making for easy organization and less risk of missed bills and late charges. And because your utility bill is sent directly to your email inbox, there’s no need to worry about your bill being lost during potential postal disruptions.

At the municipal level, e-billing also offers cost savings by reducing printing, postage and administrative costs associated with paper billing.

The option of having paper-based billing remains, the utility notes. Those who prefer to receive paper bills will continue to have their notices delivered via Canada Post, with an added monthly fee of $2 per month, beginning Jan. 1, 2024.

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Sign up for e-billing today

Sign up to receive your utility bill via email by completing and submitting the online form here.

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