Soft, durable, elegant. Rethink what carpet can do for your home

The 1970s and ’80s were akin to the wild west era of the carpeting world, with their bold, ‘funky’ styles that seem forever embedded in our collective memory.

After all, whether you were born in 1969 or 1989, chances are you have at least one distinct memory of that scratchy, shaggy, orange, green or even pink-coloured carpet.

The good news? With today’s stylish, innovative options, it might be time to banish those memories and reconsider all that carpet has to offer!

Today’s carpets come in a variety of modern, sophisticated styles and aesthetically pleasing colours. And, quite frankly, they’re ‘high-tech’ in comparison to the carpets of the past.

Long gone are the questionable colour schemes, scratchy fabrics and stain-catching materials. In their wake, consumers have a wide selection of luxurious fabrics, colours, patterns and pile heights to choose from.

“Modern carpets are incredibly soft and available in ‘toned-down’ colours that beautifully complement the more natural, neutral palettes that are favoured interior design trends today,” says Jasbir Hundal, owner of Fair Deal Carpets in Chilliwack.

“And it’s not just their appearance that’s improved – many carpets are now made from recycled products, making them eco-friendly. Mohawk carpets even offer an extremely durable, virtually pet-proof product.”

With features like 100 per cent, permanent built-in stain protection and zero-per-cent moisture absorption, carpet manufacturers have reimagined what carpeting can offer the modern consumer. These innovations mean pet owners and families alike can enjoy all the perks of carpeting without worrying about the ‘what-ifs.’

“Concerns around stains, odour and maintenance, are no longer relevant with modern carpeting solutions,” Hundal says. “Instead homeowners can focus on the many benefits of carpeting and how it can help them create a warm, safe and inviting home environment.”

Considering carpet for your home? Find the best deal in town at Fair Deal Carpets – book a consultation today at 604-836-2700 or email them at and find them on Facebook here. Visit them at their new showroom in Chilliwack at Unit 5 – 45770, Railway Ave. Chilliwack.


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