Take an early peek into 2024’s home design trends

If authentic, individual and niche are three words you try to embody into the essence of your home decor, then 2024 might just be your year.

“The new furniture and home design pieces we’ve seen in store so far have suggested that 2024 will be the year to throw caution to the wind and really make your home your own,” says Ashley Lupul, Manager at Muse and Merchant in Kelowna.

“The pieces we’ve received have been very niche and individualistic in style. We’re getting new stock every week and so far we haven’t known what to expect when opening up our deliveries – it’s a constant surprise!”

There is one trend that seems to be holding over from 2023 though: the concept of ‘comfort above all else,’ at least when it comes to sectionals and couches.

“Our ESHA sectional was a huge hit in 2023 and this year we’ve already received a similar sectional, called MEHER,” Lupul says. “It still offers that amazing cloud-like comfort but it’s bigger than ESHA, and a bit less casual in appearance,but just as cosy. I imagine this tendency to opt for comfort over everything else is a trend that will continue.”

But before Scan Designs and its sister store Muse and Merchant can step fully into 2024, they have to say goodbye to last year’s models. And that means you can find some truly jaw-dropping deals online for both stores, but Lupul says if you really want to find a steal of a deal, you may want to visit in person.

“While our online prices have also been marked down considerably, our in-store prices are really worth coming in to check out right now. We have a variety of floor models and other items that are not listed on our website and are marked down as low as they can go,” Lupul says.

Made-to-order couches

If you can’t find your dream couch or sectional in store, consider a made-to-order sofa from Muse and Merchant. With 150 different fabrics to choose from and a turn-around time of just eight weeks, a made-to-order sofa might be just what you’ve been looking for.

The best part? You can feel confident knowing your new couch has been made exactly to your specifications just a hop, skip, and a jump away in Burnaby, B.C.

Find Scan Designs online at scandesigns.com and double down on your design inspiration by following them on Facebook or Instagram. Visit them in store at 1912 Spall Rd., unit 101 and find their sister store Muse & Merchant online here.

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