The geometry of dining tables

A dining table is a crucial piece of your home furnishing puzzle. This is where you gather with friends and family, nourish children and make memories.

So whether you’re “right-sizing” to a smaller space or need more seating for a growing family, how do you choose the right dining table for your home?

Sure, there are style considerations at play, but you likely have a pretty good idea whether you’re leaning toward a Craftsman design or something more modern. The bigger questions involve size and shape.

“Proportions are important,” explains Love Dodd, from Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress. “Consider the size of your dining room: If the table is too small, it will float in the space; too big and you’ll be forced to squeeze around the chairs to sit down or serve your guests.”

Need some help visualizing? Mock up the table and chair size in paper, cardboard or cloth to get an idea of whether the floorplan will work – in general, leave at least 42 inches between the table and wall to allow room to move comfortably.

Now, to the table shape and features. A variety of factors will affect this decision, including the shape and size of the room and its other design elements, and the number of people you’ll be entertaining.

  • What size and shape is your room? Rectangular and oval tables typically seat more people and can be well-suited to larger rooms or open floorplans. Round tables can be more intimate and suited to smaller gatherings, as can square tables.
  • Do you need to accommodate more people from time to time? A drop-leaf, square or circular table may be perfect for your day-to-day dining but the option of adding a leaf or two will make special occasions easier to navigate.
  • Do you expect your family to grow? A quality dining suite is an investment that will last decades, so choose a table that can grow with you, too.
  • Do you need to do more with a small space? If you’re downsizing from a family home to a condominium or townhome, you might be looking for a dining suite that can do double-duty – offering flexible seating, or hidden storage, for example.
  • Do you prefer a dining suite or to choose your table and chairs separately? While separates can let you express your individuality and unique design aesthetic, a suite makes staying in style a breeze.

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