The Global Expo offers an unparalleled networking opportunity for businesses

In an era where connectivity and networking are the lifelines of business success, the upcoming Global Lifestyle Expo, set for June 15 and 16, at UBC on 800 Robson st. in Vancouver, emerges as a platform for both local and international stakeholders.

According to Dr. Afzalur Rahman, the CEO behind this innovative event, the expo is designed to be a melting pot of cusinesses, cultures, and creative entrepreneurs.

“Whether you’re a vendor or a participant, the expo offers a unique chance to not only showcase your brand but also to immerse yourself in a diverse ecosystem of businesses,” says Afzalur.

With an emphasis on lifestyle, the expo aims to cater to a wide array of interests, making it an ideal venue for anyone looking to broaden their professional and personal horizons.

“Any person or business can join, either as visitors or vendors. If you have a business, this is your chance to step forward, show your products or services , and create a lasting network,” says Afzalur.

“We’re thrilled to welcome vendors from all walks of life. The lifestyle section, in particular, is something we’re very excited about!”. “We are also offering one time $100 direct discounts for vendor registrations. That becomes only $400 for just 2 days!” he adds.

Behind the scenes, an experienced management team is working tirelessly to ensure its success. “It’s a collective effort to create a space that is open and welcoming to all,” Afzalur adds.

The open space of the expo is designed to foster interactions not just between vendors and visitors but also among vendors themselves. This is an opportunity for everyone to engage, ask questions, and meet not only locals but also individuals from an international background.

Moreover, the expo boasts the support of significant sponsors like Black Press Media, Surrey Board of Trade and RE/MAX, further cementing its stature as a premier event for networking and brand exposure. These partnerships are a nod to the expo’s potential to bridge gaps between various sectors, both locally and abroad.

For more information visit and for those interested in being vendors, registration closes early June, find more information online here.

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