Unlocking the art of interior design: Kelowna design expert shares go-to tips

Interior design is an art form – creating a thoughtfully curated, balanced space is no small task.

However, not everyone has the means to hire a professional designer to revamp their home into an Instagram-worthy masterpiece. To help, we’ve enlisted design expert Ashley Lupul, Manager at Muse and Merchant Kelowna, for a crash course on interior design. Here are her go-to tips that will have you proudly showing off your home in no time!

Step 1: Define the Vibe

When contemplating design-related questions, your first should be, ‘What type of space are you trying to create?’ Do you want it to be cosy, modern, mid-century, or perhaps have a European flair? Figuring out the desired aesthetic for a space will guide all your decisions moving forward.

Step 2: Establish a Focal Point

A focal point is often a large furniture item. In a living room, it might be a sectional, while in the dining room, it’s often the table and chairs. And in the bedroom, it’s usually the bed.

Once you’ve selected that focal point, you can start building the rest of the space based on that first piece of furniture. Think of the other items like layers – you’ll want to incorporate different textures, colours and shapes.

If you get stuck, revisit step one to remind yourself about the final vision for the room.

Step 3: Finishing touches

Designers often refer to ‘finishing touches’ as the ‘lipstick’ for a space. These final touches are anchor points that help bring the entire space together – think lamps, carpets and artwork. A lamp with a black base can tie in the black legs of your sectional and the black metal on your coffee table. They weave all the individual pieces of the room together and create that balanced flow of a professionally curated space.

Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your space and really make it your own!

Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your space and really make it your own!

Ultimately, what matters is that you enjoy your space and the environment you’ve created, Ashley says. Your style and design preferences are unique to you and you alone, so have fun with your design choices!

If you do get stuck, the design experts at Muse and Merchant, and sister store Scan Designs, can help you find the perfect pieces to curate the space of your dreams.

Ashley’s Pro-tips:

  1. Balance materials and textures: If you opt for a leather couch or sectional, consider upholstered chairs to balance the space. If you’re using a lot of wood pieces, incorporate metal and other materials, too.
  2. Add personality: A punch of personality can make a space your own. A pop of colour woven throughout the space or a stand-out statement piece like the animal ottomans at Muse & Merchant can be a fun conversation piece, without overwhelming the room.
  3. Tie it all together: If you opt to add a strong piece of artwork, choose a colour from it to subtly feature in other elements – maybe a decorative cushion, carpet or blanket to tie the room together.

Find Scan Designs online at scandesigns.com and double down on your design inspiration by following them on Facebook or Instagram. Visit them in store at 1912 Spall Rd., unit 101 and find their sister store Muse & Merchant online here.

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