Upgrade your exterior doors, Victoria! Info on rebates, design and more

For homeowners looking to replace their exterior doors in Victoria, BC, there’s a lot to decide. What type of exterior door do you need? Which company will you choose to supply the door and install it? How much will it cost, and are there any rebates available?

The experts at Ecoline Windows in Victoria are here to help. With years of experience and an excellent selection of ENERGY STAR® rated and NAFS-11 tested modern exterior doors, they’ll guide you through the process from start to finish.

What is the best exterior door type for your house?

Wooden used to be the standard material choice for exterior doors, but now homeowners have much more choice. Here are the pros and cons of three common door types most manufacturers offer in BC.

Fibreglass doors

  • Pros: Energy-efficient, affordable, durable, dent-resistant.
  • Cons: Can crack under severe impact. Ecoline recommends adding a multipoint lock to increase your security.

Steel doors

  • Pros: Premium security and durability, high insulation value and will not crack or warp.
  • Cons: Easily dented and scratched. Scratches can rust if not repaired quickly, so keep doors clean and avoid using abrasive cleaning products.

Wood doors

  • Pros: Wear-resistant, dent-resistant and stronger than other materials used for residential doors.
  • Cons: High cost, and requires regular upkeep to maintain appearance.

Choosing the right exterior door for your home

Now that you understand the pros and cons of different door materials, consider how your door will be used. Choose the right door type to suit conditions at your home, and your needs.

  • Weather: Will your door be exposed to direct sunlight? A covered entryway can help reduce your door’s exposure to inclement weather.
  • Glass: Adding decorative glass to your entry door is a great way to add light to your home and create a unique, artistic appearance. However, glass is a poor insulator, so depending on the type of glass installed you may sacrifice some energy-efficiency.
  • Privacy: Doors with decorative glass are rated between seven and 10 (glass rated 10 is totally obscure), so you can choose your privacy level. For more adaptability, consider installing mini blinds between glass panes.
  • Space: Entryway doors are generally designed to open in, but you may wish to have your door swing out. Patio doors are mounted on sliders to save space, and garden doors (also known as French doors) generally swing out.
  • Aesthetic: Doors now come in many styles, and each makes its own statement! Modern or traditional? Would you like to add a pet door? The choice is yours.

What is the average cost to put in an exterior door?

New doors can be quite expensive, but they are also one of the best improvements homeowners can make to add energy efficiency and long term savings. The return on investment (ROI) of new door installation projects is around 70 per cent!

To estimate the budget required for your door type and style, follow the steps on this door replacement cost estimator Remember, government rebates and grants will help defray the cost, often by thousands of dollars.

  • The Canada Greener Homes Grant helps homeowners in Canada make their homes more energy efficient, with rebates for the installation of solar panels, upgrades to heaters and replacement doors and windows. Homeowners must have pre- and post-energy evaluations, and can get up to a $600 reimbursement fee on those costs. Up to $5,000 of window and door replacement costs are covered, providing that you follow all requirements. Windows and doors must have the ENERGY STAR label — Ecoline doors have this label.
  • The British Columbia Energy Efficiency Rebate Program offers rebates on replacement windows and doors up to $2,000. Ecoline Windows will submit the initial application and installation invoice after completion for you. You can receive rebates via cheque, deduction on your bill, or e-transfer.
  • The CleanBC Income Rebates can be combined with these grants for even more savings. The CleanBC rebate helps low income individuals and families, offering rebates on windows and doors of up to $9,500. If your household income is below $147,943, you may qualify for this rebate!

Choosing a door installation company

Even the best windows and doors won’t perform perfectly if they’re installed incorrectly. Measurements alone will not guarantee an easy fit for a new door in an old home, so professional window installers can ensure hassle-free installation in compliance with CSA guidelines and Sooke building codes. Ecoline’s hassle-free warranty offers a 25-year guarantee on products and labour, which includes installation.

Door replacement on Vancouver Island and across BC!

Ecoline Windows offers door and window replacement across British Columbia, and serves many other provinces across Canada as well! Upgrade your home’s comfort and efficiency, and transform your living space into a modern sanctuary. To find a cost-effective solution for your home, call 778-403-4748 or visit the Victoria Ecoline location at 535 Yates St., Victoria, BC.

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