Vancouver woman shares dementia journey with her husband to support other caregivers

Heather Sosa does not want people to fear dementia. Despite facing a challenging path to receiving a dementia diagnosis for her husband, Curt, and a hard road since, Heather is a solutions-oriented person. She is determined to share her story so other people do not feel alone on the dementia journey.

Heather’s concerns about Curt’s well-being began after he injured his head on a job site in 2008. Once a shy man, Heather noticed he was making frequent appointments with his family doctor and becoming increasingly angrier with his workplace environment.

“Over the next five to 10 years, things got worse,” Heather says. “I didn’t know what to do.”

Heather is among the more than 50,000 caregivers in British Columbia who provide an estimated 1.3 million hours per week of unpaid caregiving support to people living with dementia. This May, people across the province will have the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of people like Heather by raising funds for essential Alzheimer Society of B.C. programs and services.

Heather is being honoured at the Alzheimer Society of B.C.’s largest fundraiser, the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s, presented by Go Auto, in Vancouver for her contribution to the community and her desire to share her story to help other people affected by dementia. Taking place in communities across the province, including Burnaby, Richmond and the North Shore on Sunday, May 26, proceeds from the event help provide critical supports for people affected by dementia while breaking down stigma surrounding the disease.

Heather hopes that the conversation about dementia will move from fear to awareness. She wants everyone to grow up learning about the disease so they can help other people through it.

“I don’t want to scare people,” Heather says. “There’s still joy in our days. You find new ways of connecting.”

To help make a difference in the lives of people like Heather on the dementia journey in your community, visit

If you are affected by dementia, the Alzheimer Society of B.C. can help. Call the First Link® Dementia Helpline at 1-800-936-6033 or visit

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