Wetaskiwin’s curbside pickup goes green in May

Wetaskiwin will get a little greener this spring, thanks to the launch of the Curbside Organics Program for all single-family and semi-detached houses within the City.

That means all household organic waste can now be turned into compost instead of going to the landfill – add food scraps, yard waste, soiled pizza boxes and more!

And the new Curbside Organics Program makes it easy:

  1. Sort it: Simply divert organic waste to your green cart throughout the week, adding a bottom layer of newsprint or paper bags to absorb moisture and odour. Try to layer wet items with dry ones and if possible, wait until the day before collection to clear your fridge of food you’re disposing of. To help reduce odours, wrap meat and seafood in newspaper. If you prefer, place organic waste in paper bags and dispose of the bags in your organics cart.
  2. Set it out: On collection day – the same day as your household garbage pickup – place your green cart out on the curb by 7 a.m., ensuring the lid is closed. Curbside collection uses different trucks for each type of material – garbage and organics – and will come by at different times throughout the day. Note that cart contents must not exceed 100 kilograms (220 lbs).
  3. Space it: Be sure to leave a gap of at least one metre around the cart to allow the City’s collection trucks to access it.
  4. Stow it: Collection should be complete by 7 p.m., so once collected, roll your carts back onto your property. Give your cans an occasional rinse with vinegar and water, when needed.

That’s it – four simple steps to reduce the unnecessary waste heading to the landfill, and instead create good-for-the-soil compost!

What goes into your green cart?

Organic waste materials are classified as food waste, yard waste, approved paper products (including food-soiled paper products) and pet waste. These items are composed of natural materials and thus can be broken down into compost.

When in doubt, use this general rule of thumb: if a household waste item came from something that was once living, it probably belongs in your green cart.

Does this program cost extra?

There’s no additional cost to the organics collection service for 2024. Service costs are reviewed annually, and there’s an inflationary increase as part of the contract. The kitchen catchers and green carts for this program were purchased using money the City saved by switching to Environmental 360 Solutions Ltd. (E360S) for waste collection services in 2023.

Learn more at wetaskiwin.ca/Organics and find additional details, including a handy chart of what’s accepted in your organics cart here!

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