What about the bears?

Recent wildlife activity on the West Coast is highlighting how important it is to be Bear Aware when it comes to our garbage, recycling and organics carts.

If bears are able to access food and waste easily at carts, they’ll become accustomed to it, putting themselves – and residents – at risk.

Our carts are designed to decrease conflict with wildlife – but reducing conflict will require continued attention from homeowners.

To reduce wildlife interactions, help our bears stay wild and keep pests out, remember to:

  • Use the certified locks on your organics and garbage carts 24/7 – only unlock when placing carts roadside by 7 a.m.
  • Keep your cart anchored so an animal can’t move it to a new location. If possible, keep it inside a secured garage or your home (away from doors or windows). If your cart needs to be outside, using a chain to anchor it to a lock block or wall will prevent the cart from being moved.
  • Minimize the appeal by reducing the amount of time that waste is outside and accessible. Decrease odours and attractants by storing smelly food waste in the freezer and transfer to cart on collection day.
  • Check out resources to learn more, including www.wildsafebc.com/resources/guides

Remember – not only is it the right thing to do to Keep Bears Wild, but responsible management of your waste is a requirement through bylaws and the Wildlife Management Act. It’s critically important for these animals that we take care in our waste management.

For more information visit our Sort’nGo information page: www.letsconnectacrd.ca/sortngo-west-coast

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