‘When the light goes on’: Supportive accountability to help you reach your goals

Whether busy family and work schedules have you feeling drained, you feel stuck in your career, or you struggle to navigate relationships with loved ones, sometimes a little guidance can help you get “un-stuck.”

In fact, you likely already know the path forward, but might need help recognizing it or committing to the first step, explains certified life coach Ken Vander Horst, of Northern Life Coach in Smithers.

Living in the Bulkley Valley for 15 years, Vander Horst brings more than 20 years of experience as a human services professional, including teaching and previously working as a pastor. He’s also a father to three adult children, a sports coach and referee.

“One of the people I’ve worked with in the past suggested I work as a life coach and it just really fit well with who I am and the previous work I’ve done,” he says.

What is life coaching? “The simplest answer is it’s basically counselling without therapy,” he says.

Life coaching doesn’t deal with past trauma or addiction intervention, Vander Horst emphasizes. Rather, it’s a partnership to support clients on their journey of self-discovery, inspiring them to maximize their personal and professional potential through a thought-provoking, creative process.

Relying on the expert: you

Rather than leading the process, Vander Horst defers to the expert on you: you!

“The assumption is that the client knows themselves best and as a coach, I’m alongside to help provide clarity, set goals and help guide them through the process,” he says.

Using empathy, active and intuitive listening, critical questions and supportive accountability, he helps clients reach their desired life goals in their career, their family or social circles, or other area.

After the summer break, for example, people often feel overwhelmed with fall work and family schedules, or the coming holiday season. Coaching can help them assess how they currently respond to those stresses, and find a new approach.

“I love being with people when the light goes on and they come to appreciate who they really are and what’s really going on,” Vander Horst says. “We give ourselves such a gift when we allow ourselves time to reflect and grow.”

What to expect

Sessions are typically 45 minutes, scheduled every week or so until the client feels they’ve achieved their goals. With at-home assignments and food for thought between sessions, sometimes that happens in a few meetings, sometimes longer, depending on the person and their unique situation.

In-person sessions are typically held at Health Kinnection in Smithers, or elsewhere by special arrangement, Vander Horst notes. Online sessions are also available if clients prefer.

To learn more, visit northernlifecoach.com, email northernlifecoach@gmail.com or text 250-877-1377.

You can also email or text to schedule a free 15-minute discovery session!

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