Why do we toss and turn? Mattress materials matter

“We’ve all heard the saying, ‘they don’t build them like they used to,’” says Mark Nagra, owner of Parksville’s M&N Mattress and Sofa Gallery. “That couldn’t be more true in the mattress industry these days — especially since petroleum has increased in price.”

Because petroleum is used both for constructing foam and for transporting finished products, the cost of most mattresses has increased.

“With so many mattresses in the industry prematurely failing (sagging, excessive softening, body impressions) and some stores and/or manufacturers denying warranties, we’re very careful about what we carry in the store. We don’t just buy any model that is presented to us by manufacturers. We get a detailed breakdown of the materials used in the proposed mattress and modify them or have one built to our specifications,” Mark says.

Keys to a better sleep

In fact, for years M&N Mattress and Sofa Gallery has been designing most of the store’s mattresses, working with mattress factories to have them manufactured to their specifications — with materials that are less toxic, and more durable and breathable.

“A quality support core is very important, and the top comfort layers are equally important. Most mattress failures are because the top comfort layers are made of average or soft foams. Natural latex is much more durable, and it’s also the cleanest and most breathable pressure-relieving material available,” Mark says.

Natural latex has been available since 1926, but after the Second World War, foam made from the war’s excess petroleum was mass produced to mimic latex at a lower cost. The compromise? Foam is made from a slew of chemicals, has a much shorter lifespan, and traps body heat. Memory foam has the highest complaints of sleeping hot.

“Because of all the heat complaints, companies come up with different ‘cooling’ materials — but breathability is more important. How long can a material stay cool if your body is releasing heat non-stop? Won’t the material eventually heat up if it’s not breathable?” Mark says. “I’m told by suppliers and other sales people that the solution is for sleepers to turn onto a cooler spot. But sleepers should never be forced to turn due to trapped heat in the first place — and besides, the new cooler spot will just heat up like the last spot. Breathability is important to reduce tossing and turning, and to reduce warm, moist areas which can be a haven for dust-mites, mould and fungus.

Local choice for mattresses, sofas and more

M&N Mattress and Sofa Gallery carries predominately B.C. and Canadian Made furniture and mattresses, specializing in sleep.

“All of our mattresses are made in B.C., which means lower freight costs from the supplier (savings we pass on to our customers), and a lower carbon footprint,” Mark says.

The Island owned and operated family business has over 100 years of combined sales staff/management experience, and has been serving Central Vancouver Island from their Parksville store for over two decades. With almost four decades’ experience in the mattress industry, Mark Nagra is considered by many to be an expert in the field.

“Our goal is always to help customers sleep better. Our team gets updated training regularly so that we can educate our customers, and then we let them make the decision that best suits their needs and budget. Based on customer feedback, our awards and ratings, I think we’re doing a decent job. Nothing feels better than positive feedback.”

Good sleep is critical for our health, and Mark says it feels good to be able to help customers improve their sleep while also helping the planet by using greener materials. Who can’t use a good sleep?

M&N Mattress and Sofa Gallery has strong relationships with many B.C.-made and Canadian-made brands including Decor-Rest, Stylus, Pure Energy Ironman Mattress, Springair and Palliser. In addition to sofas and mattresses, you’ll find cabinet beds, solid wood bedroom furniture, ERGOMOTION adjustable bases and more in store.

Visit the expert staff at M&N Mattress and Sofa at 291 East Island Highway, or get inspired at parksvillemattress.com, mnsofa.ca or ironmanmattress.ca. To catch the next giveaway, make sure to follow M&N Mattress and Sofa on Instagram @m.and.n.mattress.shop and at facebook.com/parksvillemattress.

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