Indoor air quality matters. Here’s how to get it

With today’s tightly sealed, insulated homes, the quality of air indoors can be exponentially worse than that outside. And that can pose serious issues for people who suffer from allergies and asthma, especially as we head inside for fall and winter.

7 benefits of window and door replacement for Stettler homeowners

Like it or not, winter is just around the corner. And if you want to keep the snow and chill outside while you enjoy cosy nights by the fire or cuddle under a blanket watching TV, now is the time to get your home ready. Start by switching your ceiling fan direction so warm air is pushed down into your home, and then check insulation and seal drafts to ensure your home is winter-ready.

How to choose a trusted window installer in Alberta [2023]

Once you’ve decided it’s time for replacement windows, the next step is to choose a window installer and select your new windows from their product catalogue. But with so many national and local companies on the market, how do you find a trusted window installer in Alberta?

Why Eckville homeowners should consider replacing windows in fall 2023

Autumn is the perfect time for home improvement projects. With summer fun finished, many homeowners have more time to focus on house projects, and also feel the urgent need to take care of upkeep before the first winter storm hits. Energy efficient upgrades are particularly important when cold weather is coming soon — even small improvements can have a significant impact on your heating bill. Sealing drafts, checking insulation and switching your ceiling fan direction are all great projects for an autumn afternoon.