Revolutionize your home’s air with Klassen Property Services’ duct-cleaning power

Did you know that air pollution levels can be greater indoors than outdoors? Viruses, bacteria, dust mites, fur balls, dead skin, pet dander, mould, mildew, pollen, asbestos, allergens, dust dirt and construction debris – all may be in the air you breathe.

Are you noticing stale or smelly air coming from your heating ducts?

Are you seeing signs of rodent infestation? Can you see dust coming from your ducts when your forced air furnace is on?

Your furnace circulates all these things into every room of your home. This can make you sick, irritate allergens or even cause them.

That’s where Tim Klassen, of Klassen Property Services, can step in to make things right, using the Revolution Hybrid, the world’s most powerful duct-cleaning vacuum system, at an introductory offer of just $189 (details below).

“Every house can use a cleaning. It should be done once a year,” Tim says. “But sometimes, you really need a cleaning.

For example, Tim encountered a young family in Pitt Meadows with a newborn in the house. The parents noticed a foul smell coming from their heating system.

“They had mice and rats stuck inside. You wouldn’t believe what I find sometimes. Ducts full of junk, construction debris, dust – things you just shouldn’t be breathing in.”

Home owners can breathe easier with Klassen Property Services. Tim’s high-powered, truck-mounted air compressor system combined with an arsenal of professional duct cleaning equipment will thoroughly clean your ducts.

Having a clean heating system isn’t just beneficial for you and your family’s health. It’s also good for your budget.

“While it’s really not good to breathe that stuff in, it also plugs up your furnace fan, your motor, your heater …. And then you use more energy because the system has to work harder to heat or air condition your home.

“So a clean and efficient system is a lot better for your budget and a lot healthier for you, too.”

Klassen Property Services’ Revolution Hybrid duct cleaning system means a giant vacuum unit is deployed where it’s needed inside your house, which means more powerful suction than what would occur if hoses needed to be run in from outside.

It also means that you’re not letting all the warm air be sucked out of your home while a giant vacuum truck outside runs through fuel and energy, all the while boosting the cost to you.

“Our price is reflected in our system. We can do the job quicker, more efficiently and better.”

So, back to Tim’s introductory deal. Tim’s regular price to clean a furnace and up to 10 ducts is $289, but he’s offering a season special of $189 – that’s $100 off – for residential homes.

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