Customize new windows and doors for extra convenience and comfort

Among the most important reasons to get new windows and doors are to improve your home’s energy efficiency, security and comfort. But once you’ve decided it’s time for replacements, you also get the fun task of customizing windows and doors to your needs!

Here are five ways you can customize your entry door:

  1. Pet door: If your family includes pets, consider adding a pet door to your new entry door. Your furry friends will love having easy access to the yard, and you’ll love that you’re not constantly interrupted to let cats and dogs in and out and in again.
  2. Peephole: Maintain privacy while keeping an eye on your entryway by installing a peephole.
  3. Glass frame inserts: You’ll get the most energy efficiency and privacy from a solid door, but adding a glass window can add style, light and flexibility. Consider mini blinds between the glass layers, or use decorative glass with a rating of 10 for maximum obscurity.
  4. Styled hardware: Make your hinges, handle and lock stand out by painting them a custom colour, or choose a minimalist aesthetic where hardware blends in.
  5. Smart locks: Installing a smart lock is complex, but it’s worth it for the added security and convenience. Once your smart lock is paired with your smartphone, you’ll enjoy keyless entry and even voice commands. You’ll be able to lock your door remotely (if you’re ever worried that you forgot to lock) and unlock remotely too (if your children or guests need help getting inside).

If your doors are in good shape but you’re planning to replace your widows, consider these three customizations:

  1. Sound resistance: Laminated noise-reduction glass reduces sound transfer, helping create a more peaceful home. You can also reduce outside noise disturbances with caulking, sound-resistant blankets and foam inserts that temporarily block noise when you need quiet.
  2. LoE Glass Coating: This low thermal emissivity coating helps reduce the transfer of heat through the window. It also allows the sun’s heat to pass through, while blocking harmful UV rays.
  3. Privacy glass: Allow natural sunlight to brighten up your home, without sacrificing privacy!Use privacy glass with a grey or bronze tint, and even create decorative patterns to make simple windows more attractive.

Rebates for window and door replacement

Replacing windows and doors can be expensive, but savvy homeowners can make the project more affordable with a few strategies.

First, inspect windows and doors to see if they can be repaired, and check your manufacturer’s warranty for even more potential savings.

Next, investigate rebates. Canadian homeowners can use the Canada Greener Homes grant to make their homes more energy efficient, with rebates for solar panel installation, heater upgrades, and up to $5,000 for new windows and doors.

Combine the Canada Greener Homes grant with the CleanBC Income Rebate for even more savings. The CleanBC rebate helps low income individuals and families, offering rebates on windows and doors of up to $9,500. A single person household with an income of less than $42,593 may be eligible for 95 per cent of the renewal cost. A four resident household earning less than $103,880 may be eligible for 60 per cent of the renewal cost. If your household income is below $147,943, you may qualify for at least a partial rebate.

Whether you live in Castlegar, Cranbrook, Osoyoos, or Kelowna, windows and doors are easy to replace, and offer significant energy savings. Ecoline Windows offers door and window replacement across British Columbia, and serves many other provinces across Canada as well. Upgrade your home’s comfort and efficiency, and transform your living space into a modern sanctuary. To find a cost-effective solution for your home, call 778-400-2063.

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