Free lifetime car washes with your next vehicle? Here’s how!

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, customers often find themselves navigating a maze of options, promises and incentives. In a market filled with confusing buzzwords, Galaxy Motors stands out as a company dedicated to providing exceptional value and peace of mind for customers.

“We want to ensure our customers feel valued and appreciated,” says Amy Jones, Chief Administrative Officer of Galaxy Motors. “By offering these incentives, we aim to showcase the value in our services.”

So, what exactly sets Galaxy Motors apart? Let’s delve into the Galaxy Difference.

Free oil changes for a year:

Galaxy Motors understands the importance of regular maintenance for vehicle longevity and performance. That’s why they offer free oil changes for a year, saving you both time and money.

Free lifetime car washes:

Keeping your vehicle clean not only enhances its appearance but also preserves its condition. Galaxy Motors offers free lifetime car washes, ensuring that you can maintain your vehicle’s shine without breaking the bank. With a punch card system in place and one monthly wash included, you can conveniently keep your wheels looking pristine.

Free annual peace-of-mind warranty inspection:

Galaxy Motors goes beyond the initial purchase by offering a free annual peace-of-mind warranty inspection. This proactive approach to maintenance lets you identify any potential issues early, and provide confidence and assurance in your vehicle’s reliability.

CARFAX verified report and 155-point inspection:

Transparency and quality are paramount for the Galaxy team. Every vehicle comes with a CARFAX Verified Report, offering comprehensive insight into its history and ensuring peace of mind regarding its condition. Each vehicle also undergoes a thorough 155-point inspection, guaranteeing its quality and reliability. These measures exemplify Galaxy Motors’ dedication to providing you with only the highest standards of pre-owned vehicles.

When buying your next vehicle, you want to be confident you’re investing in quality, reliability and peace of mind, Jones notes.

”Our commitment is not just to sell vehicles but to build lasting relationships based on trust, quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction.”

The Galaxy Motors team is eager to help you find the perfect vehicle to fit your lifestyle and your budget! Visit Galaxy Motors in Courtenay at 605 Crown Isle Blvd, or reach out the sales team online at

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