Hiring a reliable window replacement company in Victoria: Homeowner’s Checklist in 2023

Homeowners searching for a window company in Victoria have dozens of companies to choose from. But not all of these companies are created equal. So how do you ensure you not only get the best price, but also a high quality product that will last for decades to come?

Some companies capitalize on customer’s total lack of knowledge to make money, which means the more you know, the better protected you’ll be.

Who are the best replacement window companies?

One way to determine the best window companies is to analyze their products and services. Investigate the quality of their new windows, their installation methods, and whether they have ENERGY STAR rated windows suitable for the Victoria climate.

Long lasting window replacement depends on two factors: the quality of the new windows, and correct installation. The company you decide on should be able to provide both in order for your replacement to be successful. Discount windows may have an attractive price, but be sure to investigate the quality of both the windows and the installer before you commit.

Retrofit(insert) installation vs. full-frame replacement

There are two types of window installation: full-frame replacement and retrofit (insert). Although some window companies do both, most usually prefer to specialize in one or the other. Beware of companies that disguise one as the other. There are plenty of window companies in Canada that are selling retrofit windows at the price of full replacement, which hurts consumers.

In a full-frame replacement, the existing window gets removed down to the wall studs surrounding it. This is also the time when installers address any moisture damage or rotting wood in the walls surrounding the window. Any bad or old parts are cut away and replaced with new components. In a full-frame replacement, your vinyl windows come with new vinyl jambs, vinyl brickmoulds and customizable casings.

None of these components get replaced in a retrofit installation. A new insulated unit is inserted in place of the old one. Because the frames aren’t stripped down there is really no way to tell whether there is damage or any signs of leaks. The existing brickmould is usually covered on the outside with aluminum capping. Although capping can look as appealing as a single piece brickmould, it is not as efficient of an exterior finish as a brand new vinyl brickmould.

Discount window replacement companies may only retrofit windows, which means underlying issues in the walls surrounding the window won’t be addressed. Ecoline Windows believes full window replacement is always a better long term investment — and full window replacement is also their specialty!

Ecoline Windows offers door and window replacement in Victoria and the surrounding communities, and serves many communities across Canada as well. submitted

Using energy efficiency ratings to compare window companies

Only use a window company that has ENERGY STAR rated windows appropriate for the climate on Vancouver Island.

This Natural Resources Canada website lists performance information on windows from ENERGY STAR rated companies, and you can also search window products on the CSA Certified Product Listing page. Both ER Ratings and U-Factor play an important role in determining whether any window is efficient enough for Victoria.

An ER number is a more encompassing measure of how a window transfers energy. The more heat it gains rather than loses, the more efficient a window is considered. The minimum ER number for energy efficient windows is usually 34, which is also the minimum number to qualify for grants and rebates as well. It is always important to look at the SHGC number to see how it plays into the window rating.

The U-Factor, on the other hand, assesses a window’s resistance to heat loss. This is especially important to consider in Canada as we often have longer nights in the winter where it is essential for a home to retain as much of its heat as possible.

Why warranties matter when choosing a window company

Modern vinyl windows have a lifespan of roughly 25 years, so look for companies that offer warranty terms close to that timeline. Remember, the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover installation, so check the company’s labour warranty as well.

Check how long the insulated glass units, vinyl extrusions, and labour are covered for. Some companies will offer a 5-year labour warranty, yet classify things like glass unit replacement as ‘skilled labour’ and charge for it separately. The Ecoline warranty covers vinyl frame, seal failure, hardware, installation and labour for 25 years.

Another factor to consider? Think about whether the company’s reputation and business volume are big enough that they’ll still be able to service your windows 10, 15 or 20 years from now.

Check online reviews

In Canada, Homestars and The Better Business Bureau are great resources for window company reviews. You’ll be able to see what past clients didn’t like about the company, and how the company dealt with the problem. Recommendations from friends, family and neighbours is another great way to find a window company you can trust.

Ecoline Windows offers door and window replacement in Victoria and across Canada. To find a cost-effective solution for your home, call 778-403-4748 or visit the Victoria window experts at 535 Yates St., Victoria, BC.

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