‘I never doubted the move’: Chilliwack senior finds community in retirement

Last year, Hilda Hildebrand knew it was time for a change. She was already on the waitlist for one retirement home when she discovered Elim Village Garrison Crossing. Although Hilda had heard of ELIM—as her friends lived at their Fleetwood location in Surrey—she hadn’t realized they had a second retirement village in Garrison Crossing, Chilliwack.

“I learned that a couple I knew was living here in Independent Living,” Hilda shares. “They invited me for a visit and I really liked it, but I knew that Independent Living wasn’t right for me. I needed somewhere that would take care of things like cooking and cleaning, too.”

So, Hilda added her name to the waitlist for ‘Independent Plus’ at Elim Village Garrison Crossing’s newest building, The Hawthorn. It was still being built at the time, but when her move-in day finally came last September, she was ready.

“I never doubted the move once,” says Hilda. “This was something I needed to do, not only for myself but for my children too. They needed to know I was safe and comfortable, and I needed to get some things off my plate. The Hawthorn has allowed for that.

What makes the Hawthorn so special?

One of the big reasons Hilda chose The Hawthorn was for the dining options. “I love eating with other people and listening to their stories,” she shares. “I also don’t have to sit in the same spot for every meal, and I can eat when I choose to. Not many other retirement communities are like that.”

The easy walk to nearby shops in Garrison Village and the beauty of the surrounding area also stood out to Hilda, but her favourite part of life at The Hawthorn is the built-in community.

“When I was living alone, I could go days without seeing anyone,” Hilda says. “Now I just step outside my suite and friends are waiting for me. I feel comfortable and secure, that’s what I appreciate the most.”

Home sweet home

“I’ve really enjoyed myself since moving in,” Hilda says. “When I moved in the past, it took time to feel settled. But here, when I walked into my suite for the very first time, I said ‘I’m home.’”

Hilda enjoys the lifestyle offered at The Hawthorn, which takes care of life’s chores, so residents are free to spend their time as they choose. And Hilda, for one, is never bored!

“I’m not an idle person,” she says. “I’m always busy puzzling, knitting, reading, or spending time with friends here. I have a second bedroom in my suite, so my family can visit for a night.”

The best part of her suite?

“I can see Mount Cheam from my sofa,” Hilda shares. “It’s the last mountain my husband and I climbed together.”

For more information on The Hawthorn and the variety of unique amenities and services offered, click here. Or call 604-769-0022 or email garrisoncrossing@elimvillage.com. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to the mailing list here.

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