Is your air duct cleaning company NADCA-certified? Here’s why it should be.

No matter what service someone is providing for your home, it’s important to know they have the right qualifications for the job.

Cleaning and maintaining your home’s air duct system is no different.

Air duct cleaning removes harmful bacteria, dust and dust mites, pet dander, pollen and many other contaminants that can contribute to asthma, allergies, headaches and other conditions.

In addition, cleaner ducting will help your HVAC system operate more efficiently, reduce both energy consumption and wear and tear on the system. In the long run, that means money savings for you and improved air quality in your home.

Working to a higher standard

The HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association – otherwise known as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, or NADCA – works to support the industry’s standards, education, certification and advocacy, promoting both ethics in the industry and quality services for clients.

For those looking for air duct cleaning in Nanaimo, COIT is a proud NADCA member, committed to the higher standard of performance demanded of its members.

To be a member, a company must abide by a variety of requirements, established to provide a higher level of assurance to consumers. The company must:

  • have at least one NADCA-certified air systems cleaning specialist on staff
  • maintain general liability insurance
  • agree to clean according to ACR, the NADCA Standards and comply with NADCA’s Code of Ethics. If a company is not going to clean according to NADCA’s standards, this must be communicated to the buyer at the time of sale

To find a qualified air duct cleaner here in Nanaimo, calling COIT is the easy solution.

Alternatively, ask potential contractors to show proof of NADCA membership and certification. Ensure they’ll thoroughly inspect your system and alert you to any problems, and third, that they’ll clean all your HVAC system components.

After all, NADCA explains, failure to clean all components of your home’s HVAC system can result in recontamination of the entire system, minimizing the benefits of cleaning.

To learn more, or to book your FREE, no obligation estimate, call COIT in Nanaimo at 778-744-0348 or visit and book your estimate today!

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