Revolutionizing housing: Quality, sustainable multi-family homes

Few topics make headlines more in Greater Victoria than housing. Whether you’re a renter or prospective home buyer, increasing population and low inventory have combined to push single-family housing out of reach for many.

The solution for many is a new take on multi-family homes, and one local company is leading the way.

“The cost of living combined with a low rental vacancy rate is already creating strain on locals to find housing that meets their needs,” says Dave Stephens, President of LIDA Construction. “In this context, the need for visionary approaches to housing has never been more pressing.”

As the demand for housing has outpaced supply, multi-family homes have emerged as a promising solution that addresses the demand for sustainable, affordable and community-focused living spaces, while also meeting our evolving lifestyles.

Why does multi-family housing work?

Victoria’s geographical constraints mean that space for new developments is limited, especially in the city’s core area, Stephens notes. Pair that with a growing focus on sustainability and environmental considerations and the potential for multi-family living comes into focus: “By maximizing land use and sharing resources like heating systems and utilities, these homes reduce energy consumption and promote eco-friendly practices,” Stephens explains.

Changing lifestyles also play a pivotal role. As more individuals and families seek a simpler, more convenient living experience, multi-family homes offer shared amenities such as gyms, bike storage, dog wash areas and secure parking. Plus, common chores for single-family homeowners, like building maintenance, yard work and snow removal (however rare!) are often included in the monthly rental or mortgage payment, an attractive option for busy families and working professionals.

LIDA Construction’s vision for multi-family homes

As experienced local builders with a long history in Greater Victoria, the LIDA team understands the complexities of the region’s housing sector – and the possibilities of thoughtfully designed, affordable multi-family homes, whose features and floor plans are meticulously crafted for real-life living.

“Our vision is sharply focused on innovative, community-oriented living spaces that cater to today’s needs while paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive tomorrow,” Stephens says.

Whether you’re creating your dream home within a multi-family scenario or building an investment property, why choose LIDA? The company’s success is rooted in more than knowledge and experience; it grows from the core values at the heart of every project:

  • A commitment to excellence: Dedication to delivering high-quality multi-family homes includes everything from premium building materials to meticulous craftsmanship – every aspect of their projects is executed with precision and attention to detail.
  • Doing what they say they’re going to do: Working with a clear purpose – to build projects and relationships that stand the test of time – every aspect of a LIDA build is handled with the utmost care and quality.
  • They are team players: The LIDA team prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else, fostering open communication and transparent processes.

LIDA Construction has ushered in a new era of comfortable, affordable and environmentally conscious living. To begin bring your vision to life, visit

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